how to find my nocking point????


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    how to find my nocking point????

    Do i need to install my arrow rest before finding my nocking point???

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    yes, you will need to install the rest in order to set the nocking point square or about 1/64" high. this is usually a good starting point to set up the bow.

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    Nocking point

    Yes, you will need to install your rest first. When initally installing (Rest) set it so that you shaft is level and even with the rest mounting holes on your riser. Basically, look eye level at the arrow and mounting holes and your arrow should cover the holes (depending on shaft size). Ideally, you want the center of your shaft to match the center of the mounting holes. That should be a great starting point for you.

    I do not know if you have set up tools like a lazer or levels but it still can be accomplished the old fashion way with good results. If you do not have a level that you attach to you arrow, slide your nock up or down till your arrow is at a 90 degree angle to the string.

    Next you need to make sure you arrow is parael to your riser. Look down the arrow from the back of the bow and adjust the rest, so that the arrow is in line with the string. The tip of the arrow should be straight and not pointing to the left or right of the string. Once you get it close, measure from riser to the center of your arrow. Take measurements from the front and back of the riser and adjust so the distance between the front and back are equal.

    Hopefully, this is helps and is understandable. Good luck.

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    thanks td051, this does help me a awhole lot.

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