Redhawk Redd Fury Broadhead


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    Redhawk Redd Fury Broadhead

    My hunting parnter came across this head recently. Apparently the pro-shop owner believed in their accuarcy so much as to robinhood one into a previously shot field tipped arrow from 30 yards. I've never heard of them but they look to compete with muzzy four blade or the slick-trick. The tip is different and they make a 155 grain head. I did a search for this head and found no information on this forum, a first. Here is a link for those interested in this new broadhead:

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    Red fury broadheads have been around for a few years the only difference that I see is they now have vented blades where they use to be solid blades. Accuracy should be no problem The only feed back I ever got with these heads was the tip, how do they hold up after hitting bone I only knew one person to ever use them and he lost more deer than he got but then again this guy did not practice and was not a good shot so I cannot say it was the broadheads fault, and the tip is the main reason I have not tried them.

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    they are decent heads, not great not terrible. They have been around since the early 80's. They have good accuracy and make a big hole. Penetration is limited becuase of the large round tip, but they should still shoot through a deer without much effort.

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