Can you legally hunt county property?


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    Can you legally hunt county property?

    I was just searching aroung for places to hunt seeing that I am a city dweller and thought to look up county owned land in my area. Well I found a few different plots and wonder if they are legal to hunt? One is 167 acres but is considered a park, so am figuring that is out. But what about vacant plots owned by the county?


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    Most counties that own property (that you could hunt) have an ordinance stating no hunting.

    But if there is No ordinance and its not posted,,,then I would contact your local DNR and ask.
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    It took some further digging, but found something on the county website stating what can and can't be hunted. Most of it is archery only, which is nice for gun season. I would rather bow hunt than gun hunt and as long as the gun season rules are followed it can still be bow hunted during gun season without worrying about people with guns being around


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