PSE Micro Burner draw weight adjustment


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    PSE Micro Burner draw weight adjustment

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for a training bow for my 13 year old boy starting archery. After much consideration of all the options, I'm now looking at one of the new PSE Micro Burner bows (which is a rebadged Micro Midas, isn't it?).

    What I want to confirm is whether the draw weight on the 20# - 20# model is independently adjustable, or whether it's a function of the draw length, as I'd like to start him as low as possible to get his muscles trained gently.

    I almost fell into the trap of buying a Mission Menace as I was informed by several "knowledgable" people that it had a draw weight from 16# - 52#. Little did they tell me, that at his draw length of 24", teh range would actually only be 30# - 42#. I only found that out by looking at the manual. I can't find a manual online for the Micro Burner. I don't want to make the same mistake again.

    Thanks. Russell.

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    PSE Micro Burner

    Not sure about the 2010 Browning micro midas. The micro midas I have seen last year does not have multiple sight mounting holes like the MicroBurner does.

    The MicroBurner is more like a solid limb version of the Chaos which is a split-limb bow.

    Just an FYI, my husband and I looked at many bows before we settled on the Diamond Razor Edge.

    Good Luck To Your Quest!

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    Flight Risk

    To answer your question, yes the draw weight is independent of the draw length. JB

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    Yep, It is independant of the DL, and its not just a rebadged browning it has a different riser and limbs than the browning did

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    Awesome Youth Bow!

    Not to hijack but the PSE Microburner is one heck of a youth bow. Got a 29# model for my 7 year old, he has a 19" draw length and is shooting right at 18 pounds very easily right now.

    The module that comes with the bow gets you 10" of draw length adjustment, so his goes from 18 to 28 inches. The limb bolts are spec'd to turn out 6 full turns. My son's bow went down to 15 pounds with this, cranked down it's 32 pounds. Solid wall, fast, accurate, and tight - no slop from all the adjustability. It has the look and feel of an adult hunting bow and he'll probably make his first whitetail kill with this bow in a few years.

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    Yeah that's what I ended up getting him, although we still have to get it setup correctly yet.

    Only thing I don't like about it is the peep is set way too high, and it looks like they've just scrunched upa bunch of serving to hold it in, and melted it into two big goey lumps. May have to get it re-served to have the peep at the right height, and it needs to go lower than the stock serving length.


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