07 browning mirage $275


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Thread: 07 browning mirage $275

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    07 browning mirage $275

    great shape, right handed 50-60lbs
    26.5-30.5 draw
    pics coming......

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    added pics
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    $260 great hunting bow here
    little cash for big bang.....

    google it and see the results

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    you can change the letoff and draw length
    without a press by simply rotating the mod

    this will make someone a really nice hunting rig

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    If it shoots anything like it's big brother Illusion, $250 is a steal for this bow.

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    yes it is very similar to the illusion, same cam and idler only shorter
    bow is in GREAT condition and the only reason i'm selling is to
    help fund the new alphamax i just ordered

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    I had this bow and it is a great now for the money! This would be a let down!
    Coady Root
    "HOOK EM!"

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    that's as low as i intend to go, if it hasn't sold by
    tommorrow, i will try fleabay or just put it up
    and try again before hunting season

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    wow, can't believe this hasn't been snatched up

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    pm sent..

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    Pm sent...

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    all pm's answered and the first person to say "i'll take it" will get the bow.

    getting lots of interest and questions from different folks but nobody
    has committed yet.

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    late bump for the nightowls

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    PM Sent.

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    You do shipment to Spain?.
    Shipping cost to Spain?.
    Thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandomingo View Post
    You do shipment to Spain?.
    Shipping cost to Spain?.
    Thank you very much.
    sorry, will ship to the lower 48 in the US only.

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    night shift bump

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    this bow is in great condition


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    Hey Willie7018, PMed you my friend

    Hey Willie,

    I pmed you and if the bow is in great shape with little wear, I'll take it,
    What kind of shape is the string and cables in?

    Thanks and Semper Fi,


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    pm sent

    bow has been sold to wrhorsley pending payment.

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