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Thread: How does it work in your state? Road kill deer

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    How does it work in your state? Road kill deer

    if you hit a buck with your car, do you get to keep the antlers? I'm not sure how it works here in pa either anyone know?

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    you can keep the body, antlers belong to the state which i think they allow you to buy them back for $5.oo per point . im not positive thou
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    In IL you can keep the rack, but you need to call the DNR and get a tag for it, proving it was a roadkill.

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    In NY you can keep the entire deer providing you have a carcass tag completely filled out and endorsed by a Law Enforcement Officer.
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    We must have a possesion permit issued by the DNR the law enforcement officers have them in thier cars and can issue them on site here in Indiana.
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    just get out and take it
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    Ten dollars a point in PA.

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    to claim the carcass you have to call the PA game comm and they will issue you a number to tag the deer, i think it is a dollar a point for the rack .

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    Or just pick it up and go. I know alot of people here in NY don't call anyone, they hit it and leave it. If you happen to stop to help they tell you, that they don't want it. You could have it if you wanted it. Where I live theres no cell signal. Not going to go home and call and wait, just pick it up and go I say. They are just going to let you have it anyhow.
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    In MI, if your vehicle is driveable, you have to take the deer to the nearest state police post or sheriff's office. They give you a road kill carcass tag and you can keep the whole deer including antlers. This is how it went down when I hit an 8pt buck last Nov.
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    Get a salvage tag from a Highway official or the DNR before removing it.
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    Here locally, we try not to hit deer with our vechicles. We try to get behind someone driving going way to fast and when they hit a deer we just ask if they're ok and then if they'd help load it in the back of the truck

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    Here in Montana they waste the animal. It is illegal for anyone (even chairities) to use any part of road killed animals.(even elk and moose and deer) The state hauls it to the nearest landfill. That is a crime in my opinion. We have many needy people that could use it. But Mt FWP does not manage for wildlife on our public lands. They manage for the cattle industry. (in my opinion) Pierce51

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    In Nebraska, you are allowed to field dress it and take it home. Then call the police and they will issue you a road kill tag. You can keep the antlers and everything associated with the deer.

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    Not here. It's illegal to touch roadkilled deer. You can call a game warden, and he'll come give you a permit for the deer so you can take it, but he will cut the antlers off and keep them.
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    In Ohio you just get a permit from Highway patrol or local police and its yours. If you hit it it should be entitled to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kebees4 View Post
    If you hit it it should be entitled to it.
    And I think that is why a lot of states won't let you have them. They don't want people hitting deer on purpose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneaky Apasum View Post
    And I think that is why a lot of states won't let you have them. They don't want people hitting deer on purpose.
    and then calling in a claim on your Insurance. in alot of ways thats taken care of several problems at one time!

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    Im not sure about the law in FL or WV, but I know them WV boyz just pick em up and take them home and then there is a BBQ or a lake trip within a few days...

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