Hoyt Intensity target bow for sale or trade


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    Hoyt Intensity target bow for sale or trade

    I have a Hoyt Intensity for sale or trade. I'm looking for a smaller bow for my 4 year old. I would like to trade for a Nuclear Ice, Stacey Tom Thumb or something similiar. The bow is target color(black limbs, silver cams, and the riser is a redish-pink and silver). I'll post the draw length and weight specs when I get home tonight. This would make a great bow for a women or young lady.

    I'm asking $200tyd.



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    This bow is a 30# max with a draw length adjustment from 23-26.5 inches. This bow has the versa cam on it.

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    hoyt intensity

    price drop $175.00

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    any pic

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    Right handed or left handed?


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    are you able to show up a pic....might buy!
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    very intrested is it left hand

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    do you still have this and have any picture I have a Stacey tom thumb I what to sell let me know.

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