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    Question 1st time compound bow user

    If anyone could help me understand my concerns regarding the bow I recently purchased I would appreciate it. In the past I've used a recurve bow and recently purchased my first compound bow, a Martin threshhold bow. After reading through the user manual it appears very difficult to understand and states the requirement to contact a Martin dealer for any adjustments (e.g. changing draw weight).

    If this bow is really this complicated and sensitive is there a better bow for first time compound bow users?

    James Ellison

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    You should be abail to do this yourself.
    On the part were the limbs come to the frame, there is a hex key nut. Turn them out(one revolution at a time, always both the same)draw your bow. If more is needed do it one more time. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GO TOO FAR!
    you limbs will come off. you can tell, they will move.
    GO AT IT SLOWLY. hope this helps

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    do you have the sights and peep on it. If you dont go to an archery pro shop and have them set it up for you. You dont have to buy everything there though. Fleet Farm, cabellas, places like that have those things too. But when you get everything have a friend that knows archery or the pro shop set you up.

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    im not familiar with that bow but i doubt its very complicated and adjusts similarly to most bows,which is an easy process.
    instead of starting by turning the bolts out,i would max both limb bolts.
    then you know where your poundage is...or at least where it should be and both bolts will be equal as far as turns.
    then find out approximately how many pounds one turn out equals on that particular bow and go out from there not exceeding the max turns out as mentioned above.
    while doing this,its best to have a draw weight scale to check progress.
    also mentioned above,you should probably have a pro shop set you up and check out the bow from top to bottom.

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    Martin recomends 5 limb bolt turns out max.
    Each full turn should yield about 3 lbs. less.
    This bow has all the components of any other bow.
    It also has interchangable moduels to adjust the draw length wich is not always the case on other brands.
    I believe you need some help from someone knowledgable or a pro shop to get you started out.
    You can always ask away here too.
    Welcome to archery talk.

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