Archery in Okinawa Japan?


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    Archery in Okinawa Japan?

    Hello everyone, I am a new member and new to archery. I ran across an old thread and had a few questions.

    I am moving to Kadena AB Okinawa, Japan in May 2010. I wanted to know if any of you have been there, and wanted to know about the rules with my Bow, and is the Archery range there still open. also if I have a yard on base, can I shoot my Bow in the back yard.

    What did you guys do when you where there?

    Thanks for all your help, and sugestions..


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    Maybe the night crew would have some info for me?

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    Deployed to Kadena through out the 80's so probably not much help. I can tell you that the resturants out in town are very good (4 seasons on the way to Naha and the Kobe Beef at Kyoto Hotel is very good and not to hard on the wallet. As for archey in base housing I would go to the base web site you can get phone numbers to the base then it is up to you to ask the right questions at the right person which upon itself could be a problem

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    Did you find out?

    DId you by chance find out more on the questions you have. I know it was in 2010. Right now im here and just trying to get the same questions answered maybe more

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