Disabled Archery equipment


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    Question Disabled Archery equipment

    Since I introduced my son-in-law to archery last year, his father has also developed an interest.
    Due to a fire he has no right hand and one finger on his left hand. His arms and shoulders work well.
    Where can I find some equipment that would allow him to shoot?

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    Bow & Arrow Sept. issue had an articale that might help you. I do not know of any my self.

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    If I remember correctly there was a Gentleman at the Nationals in KC shooting with a prosthesis instead of an arm. It sounds to me like your friend could do it without too much trouble. Just don't give up, keep trying and make it happen.Archery is a great sport for physically challenged people. We all are, or we would be doing something else.Except in my case it is all mental.

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    heres a few places you may want to check out that might be of some help


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    have him call 502-564-7109, ext 433. tim farmer is the host of KY Afield television. he lost the use of his right arm, and shoots with a mouth tab. he knows several people in the archery industry that possibly can assist. he does quite well using his teeth to release, so that may be an option.
    there is a pro shooter named tony conques (sp) that shot with a mouth tab for a while, you may try and get in touch with him at the asa championships this weekend in alabama.

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    wheeling sports group

    there is the wheeling group that helps out disabled archers you should be able to contact buckmasters and they could probably fix you up.
    rob k

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thanks for your input. It gives me a place to start.

    This could be the beginning of something great.

    May God Bless you all

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    In Singapore our visually handicapped archers have created an LED aid of 5 to 10 small coloured bulbs, which they attached to a small holder. The holder is attached to the target board next to the target. They sight in with the assistance of able sighted archers @ whatever distance they are shooting - normally, 15 or 18 m. When the arrow hits consistently the centre of the target, they are left to their own to practice their form. Normally, with a good compound bow, the visually handicapped archers could group in the centre of the target with the aid of the LED lights with tight groups. One archer has only 10 to 15 % sight. The other is colour blind and his sight could only funnel into a point and the target centre appears to him as a lighter shade with the rest of the target appearing black to him. One archer is suffering from a disease, which affects the tissues of his cornea, which the specialists diagnosed as dying tissues. Another archer sees only a 10% target in black and white. According to him the center of the target moves in rotational circle. When guided by the bright lights he would guess only at the moving lights to guide him. The lights they use, which according to them as brightest is blue colour.
    If anyone, who can assist with better ideas to improve their sight please inform us. According to the specialists here there is no treatment or cure for the defective eyesight. All of them love the sport of archery and are great enthusiasts practising twice per week @ whole day sessions.

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