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    Local shoots!!

    Do you have a shoot in your state? 3D, Field, FITA, whatever venue it may be, post it up here for all to see..
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    Square Circle Archery

    We will be hosting our first shoot of the year April 18th. There will be 3-14 target courses set up. We recently purchased 18 new Rhinehart targets for this year. We are located at 97 Clementon rd. Gibbsboro,N.J. 08026. sign ups are 8am-12 noon. $10.00 adults-$5.00 kids. The kitchen an bar will be open for refreshments. Contact George Hewitt at 856-768-8918 for more info.
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    Thank You

    Square Circle would like to thank all the shooters who came out on a beautifaull day. We got some grear feedback on our new targets everyone seemed to like shooting the Rhineharts. Our next shoot is May 23rd. We hope to see everyone back.
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    Lets get some more up here guys!

    I dont know of any big ones except Whittingham and thats not till the Summer, but its in Newton

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    Check out the SFAA website for shoots.
    Also, look for Bent Creek and Farmers Sportsman Club. They have 3D shoots almost every other weekend.
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    United Bowhunters of NJ Bowhunters Jamboree August 28th and 29th. 40 target course. Shoot for fun or compete. Go to www.ubnj.org for more info

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    If you just want to fling a few, I'm always lookin for company . I've got a 14 target field course by my home. Light pull butts and a few pitched ends thru the woods located in central Jersey.
    PM me to set something up.

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    Is there anything else available in NJ?

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    close to where you live

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    Go to the NJ web sight. sfaa-nj.com. All the shoots are listed there.

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    We have a monthly 3D shoot, that doesnt conflict with Square Circles schedule, so you can get 2 shoots in per month!
    You can get all of the information from our website.

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