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Thread: Local shoots!!

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    Local shoots!!

    Do you have a shoot in your state? 3D, Field, FITA, whatever venue it may be, post it up here for all to see..
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    Archery Outfitters is having a 3D shoot June 5th and 6th in Sioux Falls.

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    Illinois ASA Qualifier at BuckStop Archery Saturday May 29th and that's in Brownstown,Illinois.

    Also the "Boars Nest" in Spencer,Indiana is having a 3 Day shoot Memorial Day Weekend. May 29,30,31.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootthebunnies View Post
    Archery Outfitters is having a 3D shoot June 5th and 6th in Sioux Falls.
    Very Challenging course, for me anyway being a newbie. A lot of fun and some tough shots.

    I went to the Scheels 3D shoot at minnehaha afterwards and was slightly disappointed that only 2 targets were moved from the may shoot. I shot a lot better because of it though.

    All the shots were pretty open at Scheels. Most of them at Archery Outfitters were obstructed or hidden.

    Archery Outfitters 10
    Scheels 7

    Both were a lot of fun though.

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    Sioux River Sportsmen's
    (formerly 3 rivers Wildlife Gun Club)
    Archery 3D fun shoot
    June 26th and 27th
    Registration 8-3 Sat 8-2 Sun
    30 shots per round

    Adults $10 per round
    Youth $5 per round
    Cub free

    No range finders

    East out of Canton on 5th St (turns into 18) 2 miles to 483rd ave
    Turn South on 483rd ave go south about a 1/4 mile and then turn back to the east about a 1/4 mile.

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    The Whittail Classic 3D scheduled for this weekend July 17 & 18 in Yankton has been postponed until August 14 & 15. It will run in conjunction with the Dakota Cup shoot.
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    bummer all these post are outdated and short notice...... anybody have idea when they start posting stuff for 2011?? I'd love to get active and need more than a few weeks notice.

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    Fita Elimination tournament at Archery Outfitters Dec 18th. 30 arrow Vegas face round for qualifying score top 16 advance to head to head 6 arrow elimination matches. two classes men's and women's. #1 qualifier shoots against #16 and so on.number of qualifiers may vary depending on entries. Line times 11:00 and 1:00 call ahead to reserve a line time.605-367-9871 for questions about format call 605-553-2671
    The men's,and women's winner at the Fita tournament will each receive a gift certificate from Gold tip for their choice of 1 doz arrows and components. great way to get some triple xxx or hunting shafts for having fun.

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    Here is a list of shoots around SD or atleast the ones i know of
    Feb. 4 - Davison Co. 4-H Archery Shoot - Mitchell - 4 events (NFAA 300, 4-H 150,
    NASP, World Series of Archery) - Contact Todd Hanten 605-999-3914

    Feb. 11-12 - James River Archers Indoor 3-D Shoot - Alexandria
    Whitetail Bowmen - Aberdeen - Frozen Foote Indoor 3-D

    Feb. 18-19 - Milbank Valley Archers Indoor 3-D Shoot - Milbank
    Grand Slam Archery Club Indoor 3-D Shoot - Huron
    Sand Creek Archery Club Indoor 3-D Shoot - Forestburg

    Feb. 24, 25, & 26 - Stump Shooters Indoor 3-D - Mitchell

    Feb. 25-26 - Bushmen Archery Club Indoor 3-D Shoot - Corsica
    NFAA Indoor Sectionals-Sioux Falls

    Feb. 28 - Archery Outfitters Vegas Shoot - Sioux Falls - 7:00pm

    March 3-4 - Dunn Creek Indoor 3-D Shoot - Menno
    Big Sioux Bowmen Indoor 3-D Shoot - Brookings

    March 10 - 300 Round-Yankton

    March 10-11 - East River Sportsmans Club Indoor 3-D Shoot - Platte
    Rosebud Rod, Arrow, & Gun Club Indoor 3-D Shoot - Winner

    March 17-18 - SDAA State Indoor-Yankton

    March 24-25 - Whitetail Bowmen - Aberdeen - Indoor 3-D

    April 28-29 - Whitetail Bowmen - Aberdeen - Team Handicap

    May 6 - Missouri River Archers Outdoor 3-D Shoot - Burke Lake

    May 19-20 - Tom May Memorial Outdoor 3-D Shoot - French Creek - Custer State Park
    Outdoor 3-D Shoot - Jefferson

    June 2-3 - Archery Outfitters Outdoor 3-D Shoot - Sioux Falls

    June 9-10 - Whitetail Bowmen - Aberdeen - Tournament of Roses
    Outdoor 3-D Shoot - Jefferson

    June 16-17 - Milbank Valley Archers Spring 3-D Shoot - Milbank

    July 7-8 - 1st Dakota Classic-Yankton
    NFAA National Unmarked 3-d-Yankton

    July 14-15 - Whitetail Bowmen - Aberdeen - Foote Creek Shootout
    Whitetail Classic-Yankton

    July 21-22 - SDAA State 3-D Shoot - Custer at Crazy Horse

    July 28-29 - Stump Shooters Outdoor 3-D Shoot- Mitchell Outdoor Range (Airport)

    August 4-5 - Archery Outfitters Outdoor 3-D Shoot - Sioux Falls
    Whitetail Bowmen - Aberdeen - State Field Tournament

    Aug. 18-19 - Outdoor 3-D Shoot - Jefferson

    August 19. - Missouri River Archers Outdoor 3-D Shoot - Burke Archery Range

    August 25-26 - Whitetail Bowmen - Aberdeen - Hunter Handicap

    Sept. 8-9 - Milbank Valley Archers - Hartford Beach 3-D Shoot
    Outdoor Charity 3-D Shoot - Archery Outfitters - Sioux Falls

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    NFAA 300 shoot at the Easton Archery Center in Yankton, SD on Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 10:00 - 5:00. Continous line. Come practice for State Indoor.
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    Below is a link to the calendar I have with all the archery shoots i'm aware of. Please check for yourself before relying on the information. I've gotten this information from several sources and I don't guarantee their 100% accurate. If anyone has a correction or an addition feel free to pm me.


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    Wish there were more shoots West River... Hopefully some people can throw updated dates and shoots up on here. I'd like to get more into the 3D scene to keep me sharp.

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    fun shoot at spearfish south dakota. its at the archery range on chris drive go to it!!!

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    Anyone know if there is a shoot in Mitchell this weekend? It's on a schedule at Scheel's in SF, but I can't find any info about it online.

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    Lets hear about all the upcoming shoots in 2016.
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