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Thread: Local shoots!!

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    Local shoots!!

    Do you have a shoot in your state? 3D, Field, FITA, whatever venue it may be, post it up here for all to see..
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    IBO Shoot At Huntington Archery Club

    I know there is an IBO Shoot at Huntington Archery Club on May 1 and May 2 of this year.

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    any shoots?

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    Shoot this weekend in Spencer Wv, Sat and Sun its a bowhunter shoot

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    Adkins Archery Adventure Opening Soon in Flat Top, WV

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    Adkins Archery Adventure
    We are setting up the range for the new season. Hopefully be open by April 15th. I will keep you posted. Going to be open Thursday thru Sunday this year to help out our weekend workers!!

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    Huntington Archery Club Traditional Shoot

    We will be holding a Traditional equipment only shoot on June 4th at our range near Ona WV.

    Huntington Archery Club
    Traditional Archery Challenge
     30 TARGET 3-D RANGE
    Are you tired of IBO bowling alleys? Then this is the shoot for you. Shooting stakes will be placed to offer a more realistic and challenging shooting experience.

    Shoot Fees:
    $10.00 per Shooter
    Cubs under 12 shoot for free
    From Huntington
    Take your best route to the East Mall Road exit 20 on I-64 at Barboursville, WV. Turn left towards Route 60. At the Intersection of Route 60, turn Left. Follow route 60 East. At the intersection of Route 60 and Fudges Creek road (third stoplight) turn Right. There is an Exxon on the corner. Follow Fudges Creek Road approx. 6.5 miles to Weaver road (remember to veer left at the church). Turn Left. The range is located at the end of Weaver Road
    From Charleston/Hurricane
    Follow I-64 to the Milton exit. Turn left towards Rt. 60. Turn right on Rt. 60 west. Follow Rt. 60 west to Fudges Creek road. Follow above.
    June 4, 2011
    Registration from 10:00 to 2:00

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    HAC Traditional Shoot Schedule:

    10:00 am to 2: 00pm Registration
    6:00 Awards and Trophy presentation
    12:00 Rotating Balloons and Jumping Rabbit
    1:00 – 5:00 X-treme Challenge novelty range
    1:00 Goblin Shoot
    1:30 Running Pig
    2:00 Paper Target Competition (Delta ASA and FITA 5 color)
    3:00 Drive By shooting 3-d range
    4:00 Aerial Targets
    5:00 Long Distance “Clout” and 3-d range

    Camping is available for anyone wishing to spend either Friday or Saturday night.

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    Blood Trackers Archery

    174 Crawford Road
    Statesville, NC 28625
    (704) 873-9540



    Monday- Vegas 300 Round @7:00 PM

    Tuesday- Indoor 3D Archery Tournament @7:00 PM

    Wednesday- Range Open to Public

    Thursday- Two Man Tournament @7:00 PM

    Friday- Range Open to Public

    Saturday- Indoor 3D Archery Tournament @5:00 PM

    Sunday- Closed "In the Treestand"

    **Range Open To Public (Monday-Saturday) until 2 hours prior to Tournament**

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    Great outdoors starting soon don't know the exact day yet

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    Anyone know of any upcoming shoots?
    CamoOutdoors - Big things coming!!!

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