Golden Eagle Target Bow


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    Golden Eagle Target Bow

    Here is your chance (if it fits you) to own a fantastic target bow from yesteryear. I need to let go my Golden Eagle Archery Company Eagle target bow to make room for my new Barnsdale bow. This bow is in fantastic condition with only a couple of minor dings in the riser paint but the limbs are in almost perfect condition with just a shade of yellowing in the clearcoat paint due to the age of the bow. All stickers, wood highlights and original matching cable guard are included with the bow. This bow is a perfect finger target bow due to the 48" ATA length. Since the bow doesn't have a specifications sticker on it, the following specs are from actual measurements:

    Eagle Target Bow
    Metallic Blue Riser with white limbs
    All Metal Parts Gold Anodized except cable guard rod which is stainless steel
    Draw Length: 27 - 29" (Adjustable in 1/4" increments)
    Draw Weight: 50 - 60 lbs
    Let-off: approximately 55%
    Soft Cams, Round
    ATA Length: 48"
    Brace Height: 10"
    Deflex Riser
    Limb Material: Birdseye Hickory Wood Highlights on fiberglass/Wood Double Recurve Limbs

    Asking $150 plus shipping and insurance.

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    how old is the bow and do you have pics?
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    I just knew people were going to ask about pictures. I'll take some tomorrow and post them. I've had the bow for a few years but I wasn't the original owner of it. The good news is, it has been sitting in the softcase for years now without being used,but as far as age goes, I would put the bow in the mid 90s??? I can't be sure and I can't find any reference online that would help me date the bow. Sorry, but that's the best I can do.

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    Golden Eagle Pictures

    As promised, here are the pictures of the bow.

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    golden eagle

    That bow is from the mid 80,s. I had a green one just like it that I shot my first 300 indoors with . A great shooting old school target bow!

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    It's a double eagle - my father still uses his. Slow but oh so accurate...

    They converted to fastflight really well. Dad's has Hoyt energy wheels and ff cables/string and loves it.

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    Priced to sell, $125.00

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    what a bow!

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    I am soooo tempted...they were obscenely expensive when new (sold for AU $2000 new) and for good reason - an absolute tack driver even at 90metres. I beat Clint Freeman with Dad's once in an indoors shoot.

    Dad still shoots ACEs out of his with fastflight conversion and it is still going strong.

    Seriously someone buy this bow - it's one of the VERY best for it's time. The wood limbs with overlays are truly beautiful!

    If anyone wants to convert it to fastflight I can give you info on how to do it successfully.

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    ttt last time then it's off to eBay with this bow.

    Thanks for looking

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