Black PSE Axe 7 vs Bear Attack Black Showdown


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  • Black PSE Axe 7

    20 62.50%
  • Bear Attack Black Showdown

    12 37.50%
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    Black PSE Axe 7 vs Bear Attack Black Showdown

    Which Bow do you think is better? it would be a 50-60# bow and be all black.

    Give a reasoning why you think what you do.

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    Racine, WI
    Looks like this isnt even a competition!

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    It should be, I shot both and didnt like the draw of the axe compared to the attack at all but of course one is a single cam.

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    I shot the pse,martin warthog,z7,and the attack. And I like the attack the most!!

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    helenwood tn
    got the axe 7 thanks WORM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cariss View Post
    Looks like this isnt even a competition!
    that would be like comparing the Bear attack to the PSE Brute!
    Hell yea I hunt those poor little deer I eat them too.
    Not sponsored by anyone and for good reason. I cant hit much with a bow.
    I created the staggar back tuning method

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    What did you expect...........this site is filled with fanboys who woudln't think of shooting anyhting but their brand. Maybe you should do a qualified study where only people who have shot both and can PROVE it get to vote........Anyone who picks anything by the opinion on this site is a fool.

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