I posted this in the roumers thread but decided it deserved it own thread. Maybe if enough ISAA members vote here we can make a change.

1. ISAA needs to change its ways. Issues that affect members should be published, on the website and in the Arrow Hound (when it is printed) no less than 30 days prior to a vote, for all of its members to see. That way the members can give their input to the club representative who will also know of the issues in advance not at the meeting or a few days in advance. The dates of the meeting should be published.

2. The ISAA should make use of things like the ICN (Iowa Communications Network) to host their meeting via video conf. This would provide more opportunity for representatives to attend giving clubs and members a voice on issues. When setting meeting the ISAA board can reserve an event on the ICN via a local access (the cost is minimal) and advise the reps of the date/time (email, or post it on the web site) then each club can find local access to the event paying for it from club funds (again minimal cost).