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Thread: ATV Mehcanic out there Need Help???

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    ATV Mehcanic out there Need Help???

    Any ATV mechanics out there need help with 1978 ATC 70
    It will not fire It will fire when I hold the coil wire and pull the rope but will not fire otherwise
    Need help Thanks in advance Jim

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    what wire on the coil? There is a trigger wire, which is probly coming from the points(may have a cdi, but i think it still has points in 78). A ground wire. And then the secondary(spark plug wire).

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    It has a wire coming from the points it connects straight to the coil
    The big wire going to the spark plug

    When I pull the rcoil starter it will shock me (big time) bui will not fire the spark plug

    You are correct points only I have changed them and set the new ones

    We rebuilt the engine it ran good My son stripped the 70 down to repaint etc after he put the bike/plastic back on it has never fired

    Help is appreciated Thanks Jim

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    Did you try a different spark plug?

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    several different ones and also plug caps

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    That doesnt make sense. How do you know it's not firing the plug? did you ground the plug to the cyl head when you checked it? will it(the coil) fire a spark checker? does the boot snap on to the plug firmly? Is there a ground that you forgot to re-install? mabye its not a spark issue? mabye you have a fuel problem? Just throwing out possiablities

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    No fuel problems that is what I am trying to trace down I am grounded so when I hold the wire I get shocked Yes tried new spark plug cap no fire but when I put my finger in the cap guess what shocked again
    I am open for all suggestions
    Thanks Jim

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    Yes I did ground the plug

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    stick a screwdriver in the sparkplug cap,hold it about 1/4" from the head while pulling the cord & see if it fires.spark from the screwdriver to the head.

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    I tried that also no fire I am really puzzled

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    One correction it a 1985 ATC 70 Got to be a mechanic or 2 out there as large as our forum is
    Thanks Jim

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    If your holding the wire and getting shocked and there is no spark on the plug then you have a broken wire and its sparking somewhere else.Hook everything back up and when its dark,try to start it.You will see where the spark is.
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    When your son stripped down the frame and painted it did he make sure to scrap/sand the paint off any part of the frame that ground wires attach? Check the kill switch as well.

    If you hold the plug wire at a certain angle and it shocks you try holding it at that same angle and use a screw driver to ground it to an unpainted part of the motor. You might just have a broken plug wire coming out of the coil.

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