Meat Seeker broadhead opinions...


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    Meat Seeker broadhead opinions...

    I have spent years searching for a broad head that will consistently fly and impact the target in the manner that my field points do. After much trial and error I landed on the meat seekers from Trophy Ridge (Rocket Arrowheads). My initial fear was that, due to their design, these broad heads take some significant pressure to open. After testing them for myself I have found them to be the most accurate and reliable broad head I have ever shot. They impact the target at the same point as my field tips and have never failed to fully deploy. My biggest problem in the past was practicing with broad heads. I wanted to practice for at least a month, before the season, with the broad head I would be hunting with. This meant significant target damage with fully deployed broad heads. I found that a tightly wrapped and tied string of dental floss, replacing the rubber band, keeps the broad head closed and target damage to a minimum. I know they offer practice tips for other broad heads but nothing beats practicing with the real thing! I have killed and recovered close to a dozen whitetails with the meat seekers and will continue to due so in the future. I am looking for other opinions on this broad head and comparable models.

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    The 2" cut version is a joke. No penetration and head destroyed on a turkey that was still alive after leaving overnight. Would never use these heads on anything.
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    I use them and they are a great broadhead. The make big holes both sides for me. I bought a bunch of other heads before I found one that shoots good and drops em just yards from where they were shot.

    I have two good friends that use the 3 blade rage broad heads and they have had deer that go 100 yards or more. It all depends on your opinion, they think they are the best thing out there. I dont share there ideas.

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    I have a pile of them but have not used them yet! Maybe I'll have to soon....
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