When does the Rut start in Maine


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    When does the Rut start in Maine

    Does anyone know when the RUT starts in the state of Maine? (Southern Maine) NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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    i don't hunt yet, but i think it has already started

    i know the moose rut has started...some time in september


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    I have been scouting my but off and I have not found any rubs or anything yet and it is driving me up the wall. HOW MUCH LONGER???

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    If I were going to Maine this year, I'd go the 21 thru 27th, but both weeks each side are OK.
    Wind's right, but he'll just run, when we step out of these trees.
    Trick to it, walk out on this side of your horse.
    What if he see's our feet?
    Elk don't know how many feet a horse have!

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    i don't know man...my buddies have already gotten deer...one who is 13 now got a bear and rifle season started last week

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    do you ever answer your phone tried to get you sunday

    call me at work tomorrow

    we need to know if you are coming saturday with us opening day for rifle.

    we'll show you all about the rut!!!


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    full moon starts the 27th of oct. some time with in the next 10 days after that. the does will be ready my opinion

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    Mainiax, Where do you go for rifle? also I got the message late last night and I will call you today. I have been having company from NY so I couldn't realy go hunting for a long period of time in 1 day. I have been sticking around my house checking out the woods.

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    The rut starts as soon as the buck sheds velvet. He is now ready to breed. Now the doe......thats another story.

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    Alot of people from southern states (Most of the US ) don't realize that the rut(actual breeding) in Maine, especially northern Maine, is a very distinct event, moreso than in areas with more deer and warmer climates. Fawns dropped late don't survive the hard winters up there, so over the years nature has forced does to be bred during a very short, distinct period that ensures their fawns wil be born early enough in the growing season so that they are well developed before winter. The rule of thumb is the further north you go and the colder climates, the more abbreviated the rut becomes, compared to warmer climates in southern states.

    I'll be hunting the Western Mountians near Canada from the 12-20. The following week would be my first choice because I hunt by tracking, but I have buddies that are stand hunters and the 3 rd week is usually the best for movement. The last week usually gives the best snow and the bucks are somwhat worn down from the past two weeks.

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    So you are saying that the rut will start somewhere in that time for southern maine as well or a different time? I have not seen any sign of bucks except droppings and foot prints (BIG ONES)
    I need to get something this year. It's been 4 long years of nothing.

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    The area I hunt in Maine is a bad palce to go if you "need" to get something.

    The rut should be the same time for southern Maine also.

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