Archery and Tennis Elbow


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    Archery and Tennis Elbow

    Was wondering if anyone out there experiences tennis elbow from shooting archery. Developed this condition about four years ago and have been the route with physical therepy, injections, exercise etc. I get the condition in the arm that holds the bow. I shoot 3-Ds weekly and have done so for over seven years. Bow is equipped with all the dampening goodies but the condition persists.
    Anyone that shares this malady and could provide some tips on how they deal with it would be greatly appreciated.


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    My younger brother also suffered from that. It was on his release hand arm , rather than bow arm. Interesting. In his case, the switch from a 2 finger back tension release to a 4 finger seemed to do the trick. I guess it was the way he was pulling back with the two finger..

    I feel for you as I know it was very tough for him to shoot at times when he really wanted to..


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    My arm troubles are due to using a three finger release. It stressed the tendons or whatever and I had to stop using it a couple months ago. If I use my wrist release the arm is ok, but when I try the three finger or even four finger I have, I can feel the arm becoming not happy! I am waiting to spring to see if it gets better and hopefully I can get back to using the three finger?

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    I had it in both arms, treatment and even stoping shooting the bow for a couple month did nothing. I then continued to shoot and a couple of monts ago I changed bow and release and it's almost gone...Can't be sure of the direct link but...
    Seem that for the bow arm, some bows have certain vibration frequencies, that can induce that tendinitis.

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    tennis elbow

    i had it for years. started shooting smooth bows lx-bt vft and the like .now its gone no more sore elbow.....

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    Chas it's probably not from shooting your bow to begin with. Chances are you were doing something else repetively around that time to get it started. Now however because of the damage already done it acts up on you. I have alleviated 99% of my bow arm pain from wearing an elbow brace called the "Bandit Brace" all day at work and when shooting or doing anything repetitve with that arm. I think in my case it has actuallly made my arm feel stronger with it on. Ken

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    sore elbow

    I suffer the same pain you speak of and I found a loose bow hand grip was my problem. If I have just one finger holding the bow, the pain returns, but if I touch at least three fingers lightly to the bow handle, for me, the pain is greatly reduced.
    A visit to the Doctor told me I didn't want any surgery, so the Doctor suggested I take 800 mgs. of my favorite over the counter pain reliever for now, but no more than 800mgs. per day before I go and shoot my bow, I should be fine. So far my elbow is about 80% better, but the soreness will probably never completely go away. I shoot twice a week, so far so good. Maybe this will help you with your sore elbow.
    I have been shooting competitive archery for 33 years, so I'm lucky I can still shoot archery. Good Luck!

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    I have a history of tendintis and its been my experience regular exercise, actually just shooting daily keeps me pain free. All through 3D season I would shoot everyday and had very little pain all year. Of course it stands to reason that you don't need to over draw (poundage) and a bow with its limbs backed way off creates a lot of vibrations.

    Best of luck and good shooting.

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    I guess you can call it archers elbow I got it about 6 months ago and it also effects my shoulder and the pinky side of my hand has a numbness to it.
    I shoot lefty so it is my right arm that is affected I usually shoot a high poundage bow but due to the problems that have developed I have recently began to shoot 50 and 55# bows.

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    I had it for a year -- a good chiropractor finally solved it -- just took a few sessions.

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    Wanted to thank each of you for the responses! Got a lot of useful information. I shot barebow compound for 15 years before making the switch to sights and release which happened last year. Was bothered with this problem in years past but recently it has gotten worse. As I said in my earlier message its in my elbow on the arm that holds the bow and maybe it is the way I grip. I fold my fingers in against the grip keeping my index finger touching the tip of my thumb. Feels comfortable but maybe this is agrevating the condition. For now it looks like ice packs and exercises. Ruts about on us so you put up with the pain, pick a spot and let'r rip.

    Thanks Again Guys...Great forum!

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    I know only too well the condition of which you speak.

    I have found quite often, a work related incident will initially bring about this condition. Continuous archery simply aggrivates the condition if certain precautions are not effected ...and we must keep shooting our bows...otherwise the sun won't shine

    Ok...anti-imflamitory drugs to aide the recovery process..yes,
    but I have enormous success simply by applying bands around the offending arm.
    These bands aren't not new and are used in many high impact sports.
    The band can be either commercially obtained or can be as simple as a bit of "sparkie's" tape wrapped around the arm.
    The idea is to merely provide another point of resistance on which the tendons can pull.
    The most effective band which I use is "strapping tape", and the most important band for me is around the wrist...usually worn under my "Easton" wristband.
    The other can be wrapped around the top part of the arm about 3" from the tip of the elbow..(the sore part).

    Hope this helps..cause I sure do feel your pain.

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    I have a mild case of tendinitis in my drawing arm. As soon as it started I picked up an ACE elbow brace (at Rite-Aid drug store) and as long as I use it when shooting the condition is neutralized. But when I forget to put it on the pain is back.

    ACE Elbow Brace. Good stuff.
    Merlin SuperNova
    SureLoc Challenger w/ Impact Cosmic DX Scope.
    Trophy Taker Spring Steel Rest.
    Super-Stix Stabilizer / Easton Platinum Plus Aluminums.
    Tru-Fire Hurricane Release.

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