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    Bowtech Customer Service!

    Wanted to let everyone know about about a situation I had the other day with Bowtech, and their outstanding customer service:
    I was looking at a Destroyer (along with several other bows) and went and shot one at a local pro shop. I really like it and the way the pro shop owner could play with the valley and getting just how I liked it. After I shot it I went on here to check about the military discount and saw that bowtech offers both a deployed discount and a 15%off regular military discount. After this I called the shop and asked if they knew about the discount. They did not, and said that I would need to call bowtech about it. I did just that, dialing 411 and asking for bowtech in Eugune, OR. I got the offices and asked for Customer support. I spoke to someone who said they could help even though they were not the regular customer service. I told them the issure and they said they were sitting right next to the gentleman who runs the military programs. He was on the other line but the gentleman was helpful untill the other man (Nick) got off the phone and helped me. Nick told me he was in charge of the program and had served himself in the Army. To shorten this up, Nic called the pro shop and told them of this discount, then called me back and told me about this. I think this is great customer service and wanted all to know about it. I know that Bowtech doesn't advertise this program a lot so I don't blame the pro shop for not knowing about it, but I did want to thank Bowtech for going above and beyond to help out someone who hadn't even bought a bow yet.
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    Customer Disservice

    Glad that your experience was much better than mine, but BEWARE!!!

    Just talked to their customer service and if you don't take your bow to an authorized Bowtech dealer to have it pressed, even to install a peep sight, then your warranty is basically voided.

    Had a limb de-laminate, not in the press, but just sitting on the ground. They asked what type of press I used and they said since I didn't take it to the dealer, that the warranty was void.

    This will be my last bowtech. Love the bow, but not their customer service. I'm going back to Hoyt...

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