1963 Kodiak Dogleg


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    1963 Kodiak Dogleg

    1963 Kodiak

    Bow is in nice shape with only minor marks. No holes, twist or stress. All original minus the strikeplate and rug. New Bob York strikeplate. Bow has what appears to be a few marks of paint on the back of the riser, I haven't tried to remove it but imagine it would be easy to remove with the correct method. There is one scar on the edge of the shelf, minor but worth mentioning.
    The bow isn't perfect and could use a polishing but it is quite nice. Nice contrasting sight window wood. Wouldn't be selling but I have another one and don't have room for two.

    It is the bow on the right in the pictures.

    $250 TYD (Not gonna find one cheaper.)

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    $235 tyd

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