Bow Fishing Draw weight?


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    Bow Fishing Draw weight?

    Hey all I have never went bowfishing before and I am wanting to start. What would be a good draw weight for this . I have a 40lb Diamond Edge I could set up for a rig, is this to light ? I wouldnt have to buy a fishing bow if this would work. Thanks for th help!

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    That should work just fine.

    LB is a tricky question. Typically the the farther south you go the less LB people will recommend. There are a lot of guys shooting big gar with less than 40#. The farther north you go the more LB people will recommend and I think this is due to the fish being deeper.

    40# should work just fine.

    What most people look for in a bowfishing bow are:

    Smooth draw - makes snap shooting easier
    low letoff - makes snap shooting easier and increases energy
    longer a2a - less finger pinch

    I have a couple of garage sale specials, older PSE but I also shoot a couple older Oneidas. They are all set between 50 and 55 lb.

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    we shoot 40lb on carp and talapia with baracuda and mission menace and works just fine. If i am hunting a sure nuff big gator gar I use a 65lb reflex bighorn. I also use recurves and like them to be around 50lbs to keep up with the 40lb compounds.

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    I'm one of the few people that likes to use his retired deer hunting bow as a fishing rig. What this usually means is that draw weight is usually backed down to 60lbs, short ATA, and high let off. This leads to more difficult snap shots but I'm usually very confident in my hunting bows and I've never had a problem. I also use a trigger release over finger release for 2 reasons. One I have always used a release and trying to use fingers felt odd and with short ATA bows, finger pinch sucked, lol.

    I do plan on picking up a recurve one day and setting it up for fishing to help with those quick shots.
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    we use the lighter weight especially in tournaments to get off quicker shots and the heavier bows wear on you when you shoot 200 fish n a night!

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    For your area, that bow and poundage will suit you just fine. Bow manufacturers have marketed the no let-off bows hard enough that new bowfishers have been "taught" to prefer them. I don't like them at all and the fact is that any bow can be snap shot or shot at any point in the draw cycle regardless of let-off.

    Because we travel so much and encounter all kinds of conditions and fish sizes and types, we keep at least 4 bows in the boat. Two will be lower poundage, around 40ish. Two will be heavy poundage, around 60ish. The lower poundage bows gets used far more than our heavy ones.
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