best 2 piece quiver


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    best 2 piece quiver

    hey guys just bought the new elite judge and was wondering what the best 2 piece quiver is to put on it? I like the 2 piece cause I never take the quiver off.

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    fuse ventera line.
    May's Custom Archery

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    I like Fuse.

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    Trophy Ridge

    I liked my Trophy Ridge 2 piece I had before. I have a Bowtech 2 piece now on my General, but that doesn't interest

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    Quiver Talk

    JMO === Fuse all the way !!!!! Super light, quiet, tough.....

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    trophy ridge arrow cage 2

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    fuse ventera line.
    +1 from SRM

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    I like my Fuse Ventera two piece, but I'm not sure what is the "best".

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