Shoulder/ rotator cuff/ socket pain??


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    Exclamation Shoulder/ rotator cuff/ socket pain??

    For about the past year or so, I have had pain when holding my hand above shoulder height. It doesn't seem to matter the weight of what I'm holding, if I hold a phone to my ear for longer than 5 minutes, I can barely hold my hand up. My shoulders also crack and pop. I feel like I could actually pop my left shoulder out of socket if I relax enough. The pain is not sharp, but, definitely noticeable.

    While this doesn't appear to bother me while shooting my bow, I notice it immensely when fishing or @ work. I'm young, only 24, but, I am overweight. It's only when rotating my arm. The other day I used a hammer for 5 minutes and then could barely hold it up.

    Just curious if people know what the problem may be? I currently don't have insurance, so the problem will not be addressed until I have some.

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    its what they call a shoulder impingement, the muscle fibers are getting pinched off when you raise your arm above your shoulders, like a military press, get to the doctor and they'll give you a injection in that area, if the pain goes away asap but the weakness is still their than thats what it is, if not then its a probably a rotator cuff.
    good news is that most impingements wont need surgery, just lay off it and sleep differently and it should statrt to calm down

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    Could be impingement but I'd recommend seeing a doc ASAP. I had a torn Labrum and the symptoms were similar as yours especially with the feeling of instability and the pain when doing overhead work. Cortisone injection may work but you have to have a skilled doc do it or it's worthless. The steroid has to be in the exact place to be effective. Get health insurance ASAP and get a MRI for a definitive diagnosis.

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    I appreciate the info fellas. Unfortunately, insurance is a way down the road.


    N.E. James

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    I have had the same problems and read on here that a guy started taking glucosamine which is for your ligaments and joints and so forth. I have been taking it for about 5 weeks now and i have a pop in my shoulder but not as often as it used to be. Alot of the pain has gone away and the strength has come back also. I did alot of research and this is a good way with out going to the doctor and its fairly cheap in price too. Down side is there is about 90 different companies that offer it so do some research before buying some.

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    Ive had the same problem for the last 4 years now, exactly how you describe it. I was told it is a partly torn rotator cuff and unless you want to do expensive surgery its not worth it. Just have to give it time to heal. I did notice though that since I started weight lifting 2 months ago it has gotten noticably better. I think I will try the glucosamine posted in a earlier post. Did have a cortisone shot one time and it helped for a little bit.

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