FS: RH Bear Mini Magnum, with picture


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    FS: RH Bear Mini Magnum, with picture

    RH Bear Mini Magnum, youth bow set to 30# (I think...)
    $40 plus actual shipping

    Bought this a few years ago, and when I got it, it was painted with a home-made camouflage covering all maker's marks. Comparing it to photos and descriptions I've found, this has to be a Bear Mini Magnum. The Bear Medallion is still attached (convex and silver colored). I repainted it with black limbs and an antique metallic bronze on the riser. I've shot it a lot this year already, but the draw is too short to be comfortable (I'm 5'5"). I've been shooting recurves for about 20 years, and picked this up because it was cheap and in good condition.

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    Im interested in the mini magnum. How how will the lbs go??

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    sry bout tha typo before. How high will the lbs go?

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    it's adjustable to 15#, 20#, 25# by changing the settings between A, B, and C (the holes are clearly marked because they are stamped into the metal)

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    photo showing the tap for the stabilizer as well as the taps for the sight and two other larger tapped holes (I don't know what they are for).

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    based on weight and size, shipping will only be about $10 for parcel post for the lower 48

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    still available. Great as a starter bow without spending an arm and a leg

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    still available. shipping within the lower 48 will only be $10

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    I bought 1 of these today at a pawn shop,in FAR worse shape,for my girl.But she's left handed and they're hard to find.
    Someone should at least ask about this.
    They're nice youth bows,and compared to what Walmart sells,toys, they're Bear quality.

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    if this is still up let me know

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