I bet most of you have a funny/crazy story. Let's see what everyone has. Mine is gonna be about 3 words shy of a novel so try to bare with me.

Back in October of '07 my buddy shot a doe with his crossbow with about 5 minutes of light left and there was also a light rain. He didn't have his phone on him so he had to run back up to his house to call another buddy, my brother, and me to come help him track (because it was a shoulder hit) and get her out of the woods. He thought she would be down and easy to find because she fell over twice while running away and then went out of sight. We found no blood and no arrow so we started walking in the direction she went and after finding no sign we just started walking the area in hopes of finding her. One of the others found some blood and I started to follow it. Then it got interesting. There is a big pond next to this chunk of woods. One side of the pond butts up against the woods and the other side has a shore/big grassy area. And there is a swampy area in the back corner. While following the blood I heard my brother yell from the swampy area "I found her!" Figuring she was dead we all headed that way. But she was still very much alive. My brother was standing in the swamp with her Mexican standoff style and when she tried to run my brother headed her off and she decided to get away by going for a swim. She almost made it to the woods and out of the pond but I ran through the woods to head her off and shined my flashlight in her face which got her to swim the other way. I ran back and forth doing this about 5 times to keep her in the water. Eventually she swam over to the island and stayed in the water on the edge of it. I stayed in the woods to make sure she didn't get away and my one buddy Todd stood on the bank on the other side in case she made a break for it and went that way. My brother and my buddy Andrew who shot the deer made the 40 yard walk through the waste deep swamp out to the island. Andrew put another arrow in her and she ran up on the island, then went back into the water, swam halfway across the pond and died. Next thing I know my brother is swimming out to get her. He drug her to shore and was shaking like a ***** in church when he got out of the water. Luckily he didn't get hypothermia.

I know some off you may have a problem with us "spotlighting" her, kind of cornering her, and shooting her in the water but we felt it was what we needed to do in order to keep a wounded deer from getting away and us possibly not finding her.