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Thread: arrows for long range shooting

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    arrows for long range shooting

    Guys, I proimarily shoot indoor spots and would like to do some outdoor shooting at long range. I have shot at 40 and 50 yards but my question is what type of arrows I should be using. I have carbons but they are regular carbons 500's. What do you recommend. I know the Easton X10's are probably the best choice but very expensive. Do you have any other recommendations for distance shooting?


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    Goldtip ultralight Pros. Tim Gillinghams won a few long distance shoots with Goldtip ultra lights.

    Levi won Redding with Goldtip 75/95 Pros. That some darn long shooting.

    Archery is an addiction is for me. Vortex Binos, Trophy Taker Rest, Vapor Trail strings, OK-Archery DST 40, Eilte Z28 Bow, Carter/Scott releases, CBE sights, Goldtip arrows, B Stingers Stabilizers, Lancasters Archery, Slick Tricks, Vanetec Vanes, Elite Pulse

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    Easton ACC's are great, tough arrows that won't break the bank.

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    Easton ACE/X10/X10 Pro Tour are undoubtedly the 'Gold Standard' for FITA/World Cup.

    However, AC Navigator and Carbon Express Nano XR & Pro are not shabby by any standards. Keep your eyes open ... Lancaster recently had a sale on AC Navigator shafts for $150/dz.

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    There are alot of good arrows out there. I like a good foc for long range. Any arrow that is matched to your bow should do well.

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    Generally for long distance outdoor shooting like FITA you want the skinniest arrows you can get (less surface area for any crosswinds to push against) the smallest vanes you can get (for the same reason) and a heavy point (once you get the arrow moving it's a lot harder for the wind to push the heavy point off target)

    I'm currently using Carbon Express Nano Pro's with 120 grain points and Bohning 1.5" sheild cut X-vanes and they work pretty good, but are very expensive (luckily i got a good deal on some secondhand ones, because i can't afford to buy them new)

    I will probably be getting some Victory Nano Force arrows when this set needs replacing as they are a reasonably skinny arrow at a reasonable price !

    Hope this helps !


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    Thanks for the reply

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