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    hoyt vtech

    i bought a hoyt v tech for 150$ just wanting to know if that is a good deal. also if any one has any in put on the vtech let me know

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    good deal, great bow though! I would buy one for that price just to have as a back up. Very solid rig.
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    That's a good deal. I have a Vtec and it's a great bow. They're basically an Ultra tec with shorter limbs. IBO rating at 305 so not as fast as todays screamers but it'll do its part if you do yours.

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    That is a heck of a deal.
    It is an awesome bow. I own the 2005 model and it is still one of my favorites.

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    Thats a good deal.I had one and got rid of it.Shouldnt have lol

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    I'm about to sell one for a buddy and was thinking I could still get $275 for it. So I think that is a great deal.
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