Bear Strike vs. PSE Brute


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    Bear Strike vs. PSE Brute

    Bear stike RTH package includes: Bow, Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit®, Trophy Ridge 5-Pin Fiber Optic Sight, Peep Sight, Trophy Ridge Quiver, Trophy Ridge Stabilizer and Sling and a Nock Loop. AtA- 30" weight- 3.9lbs IBO- 310fps(just off web page) 26"-30" dl 70lb draw $499

    The Brute LT Package includes: bow, Aries sight with light, Mongoose quiver, Whisker Biscuit™ QS arrow rest, Mongoose peep sight and a nocking loop. AtA-32" weight- 4.1lbs IBO-308fps(just off web page) 27"-30" dl 60/70 draw $529

    Ok I am getting back into archery hunting and 3D shooting. I have been out of the archery world for almost 13years. Would like a little advise from everyone. I am kind of looking for a complete package to start with and these are two bows i have shot and both felt smooth and easy in my hands. Was just woundering if i could get a little advise on these two bows. I am trying to stay around the $500 mark for the RTH/RTS bows. Was also wondering if there is any other good RTH/RTS bows out there i should try and shoot?

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    looking for more advise.

    Was wondering if anyone can tell me if it is better for a single cam or a dual cam? Also what are the advantages for a drop away rest versus a whisker bisket?

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    as for those 2 bows, both are nice bows for the money....the brute has a more reflexed riser but a longer brace height, it is 2" longer ATA...either one will do what you want as long as you do your part. both will be comaprable on speed, although from past testing the Bears tend to run a little slower than advertised.
    as far as single or dual goes, you won't find many duals any more....they are mostly hybrids, or binary...not many "true duals"......they each have the good and bad points...longer string on singles tend to be more prone to stretch....i tend to prefer the draw cycle on hybrids better but you'll get what feels good to you. hybrids and binary tend to be faster than singles....

    as for the WB or Drop away...if your just hunting i would go wb...more consistant...less moving parts

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    try shooting a Quest Hammer a heckuva bow and still in that price point 499.99 at Bass Pro

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    I may be a little bit partial as I have never shot a PSE but I'll give my opinion anyway. I would buy the Bear. I have a Lights Out and I love it. I bought 2 Bear Odyssey II bows. 1 for my son and 1 for my wife. I have never had a problem with any of the Bear line of products and will continue to be a loyal buyer until I am severly wronged.

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    Another Question

    Just went to one of the local archery shops and the guy that worked there was trying to talk up a missions bow. Are these bows any good?

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    Bear Strike definately.

    It's a shooter for sure and for the money you get a good
    set-up hunting rig.

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    Mission is basically a generic Mathews.

    I would go with the Strike or event the Charge. The Strike has the string stops but that is pretty much the only difference.

    I shoot a 2010 Charge at 56#'s 28DL shooting an easton storm 400, 100 gr point, 4 vanes cut to 26 3/4" and I am averaging 251 through the chrono with a 6 arrow average. If you punch the numbers that is right on target to there advertised speeds.

    I have had nothing but good luck with my Bear.

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    i have the bear strike it a nice shooting bow dead quiet i have limb savers and string leeches on it.
    bear strike is 30 dollars less and comes with a stabilizer which would be a better starting point

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    you need top shootem ! Both are nice its gonna come down to how they feel to you.
    Both companies have excellent C/S and great reputations. I shotem both and prefered the PSE. Felt better for me but I am used to PSE as I have owned a brute since 07 and got a Axe this yr.
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