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    Bargain Bin Check out the new emporium!!!

    Hey ArcheryTalk members,
    All of your favorite String makers, Sling makers and retailers
    have moved to the NEW Manufactures and Retailer Emporium.
    All of these fine folks have come on board as Supporting Retailers.
    So lets support those who help support this site and keep the lights
    on for us.

    Thanks again,

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    camp verde,az

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    ttt for a nice bow

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    ^ haha

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    Good to know , Ty , new to this site . Just learning . I love everything archery ...

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    Hey guys I want to start archery/bow hunting. I was just wondering what type of bow should I start with?

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    That is a loaded question. Much debate and it all comes down to... OPINIONS I would suggest trying to find the nearest "credible" bow shop. Not just some commercial retailer, but a real bow shop. Try to shoot as many different types as possible. Everyone is a little different and like different feels. My personal idea is anything Bear makes is good. That being said, today there are so many different quality bows made that ALMOST any of them are good. I would not start with anything brand new or top shelf. Find your price range and stay within it. Also do not get to hung up on the faster is better deal. Honestly how much arrow do you really need in the dirt once it blows through your intended target. The idea to most faster is flatter, which generally makes shooting easier, but unless you plan on some 50 yard plus flights it's wasted. I probably haven't really answered your question, but that should give you at least a starting point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raff17 View Post
    Good to know , Ty , new to this site . Just learning . I love everything archery ...
    I started with an old Parker and got my first kill with it. Then bought a 2 year old, used PSE Stinger the next year and loved it! Kept it for 3 years, shot my biggest buck with a bow and several doe. I sold it last year and bought a Bowtech Carbon Knight (I suggest this one), Shot a doe with it. The Carbon Knight is pretty fast, compact which is great for hunting, lightwieght, pretty affordable... $300-450. I am hooked on archery and just bought the Bowtech Prodigy. "Dry Bones^^^" and I have the same input. I really like the Bowtechs and he likes bear so its really all about what you like. Either way its in the shooters hands to learn your bow and to make the right shot. Best of luck to you! I have extra stuff laying around so I will PM you with stuff I dont use.

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