peep sights with magnification


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    peep sights with magnification

    Hey y'all!
    My husband is visually impaired and is trying to find a magnifying peep sight. Is there such a thing and where can we find it?


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    i think the super peep has different power lenses that screw in.

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    Yes there is. Here is a link to there website. Look for clarifiers and varifiers.

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    Call Specialty and talk to customer service and tell them your problem. That's better than trying to pick something from their site and order it online. Your best solution though might be to get a sight with a lens, then add whatever Specialty Archery peep product you need after that.

    My eyes aren't so good so I put a 4x lens on my HHA sight and it works wonderfully. Nothing in my peep. I think most people can go up to 4x without having to add something to their peep.

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