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    Thumbs up ASAT Reaper Blind Review

    I just purchased an ASAT blind and it arrived last night. Christmas in July! Considering hunting season is around the corner and some of you are, I'm sure, thinking of a blind purchase, I thought I'd give a review.

    First, I bought mine from Boarman 1 right off AT. Great guy to deal with so don't be afraid to to do business with him. I paid $190 for the blind including getting it to my house. That is a plus right there.

    Before I give you this review let me say I also own a DB Matrix so I think this gives my what I need to make an honest review.

    I visited a Cabela's a couple of week ago and saw The Dark Horse price was lowered $100. That got my attention. The had a row of blinds set up so you could really compare one to another. I have a Cabela's gift card but did not have it with me so I decided to wait until I got home to order on line. Before I did that I took the opportunity to research blinds on here. You may get blasted on here from time to time for a post. But the reviews guys make are worth dealing with that. That lead me to The Reaper. Considering the first blind I bought cost me $400 and an expensive pack to tote it, I thought I would spend a little less this time. Time for my thoughts...

    My first impression was wow, this thing is much lighter in weight. Roughly 3-4 lbs I believe. It has a nice carry bag with padded shoulder straps. You don't really need a back pack unless you want to carry it that way. To me, and this is just me, it's a bit easier to open up because each panel has a strap attached and you just pull it open versus popping the hubs. The take down was a wash versus the DB so nothing there. The blind also came with stakes in case you put it up in a windy spot.

    Now that the blind was up I could really study it. I don't mind the window system of the ASAT blind but the nod goes to the DB on that one. The zippering of the ASAT blind is "less" heavy duty but the blind is also a lot less in price. I shoot through the netting so it won't be an issue for me but I hate the velcro attachments. Velcro and hunting to me are not a good mix. Even though it is a window system versus the 360 degree view of the DB, there is plenty of window opening that it won't be a problem taking a shot.

    Like other folks have mentioned, this blind is very dark inside. I put my little one inside and if you wear dark clothes, forget about it! You are hidden. I also believe the foot print of the Reaper is smaller than the DB. That's good and bad depending on your application. The outer shell of the ASAT is not as heavy as the Matrix. Again, this makes the blind lighter but hopefully will be able to withstand pokes and punctures of the hunting areas I use. The fabric is tight, but the DB is much tighter and adjustable where this is not. It has almost a "rubberized" feel to it. I gotta think it is going to be very foul weather friendly to sit in. I sat in my DB and didn't get wet, this should be even better.

    The last, and one of my favorites, is that ASAT camo. I love this pattern. I stuck the blind in the green suroundings of the summer follage and it really blends in. You would think with that tan it would stick out. If anything the tan seems to darken in the shadows. That was pretty neat to see.

    In closing I would say this is a solid blind for the money. You give up a few things versus a DB but you spend much less. If you are an ASAT fan you'll love this blind. On another note, if your hunting buddies buy everything from retail locations you are now different from them and unique because of the camo. Heck, that is a huge plus for me right there. I hope this helps with your decision of what or what not to buy. Good luck this up coming season!

    Here is a link with pictures:
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    Looks cool! Thanks for the review.

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    Nice job with the review. Info that can truly be appreciated and I'm glad you took the time.

    In regards to the windows and screens, is there any velcro at all? The pics in the link show the zippers on the window and a couple of hooks. Is that one hook for the window and one hook for the screen, and do the screens attach any other way besides the hooks (zipper or velcro).

    Also, if one were so inclined to head north to sit in the cold, would the lighter material hold up to snow fall?

    I'm real close to pulling the trigger on one of these but I hate not having one within a couple hours drive to get an actual look at. Thanks in advance.

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    Sent you a PM
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    thanks for sharring

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    good review Thanks !

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    the mesh is held by velcro but you can arrange each so that you can silently unhook and let drop down if that is desired.
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