Cross Bow and Compound Broadheads?


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    Cross Bow and Compound Broadheads?

    I looking in the catalogs and had noticed that the the sell cross bow broadheads and in the compound bow section they have the same heads. One ad for the cross bow said "Designed for todays high speed cross bows" My question is "Whats the difference?" and if the cross bow heads are better for speed," why dont we all shoot those" Im I missing something? Anybody got some input on this? Thanks Brad

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    There's no difference....just marketing to the crossbow crowd.

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    I looked at the NAP and Grim Reaper crossbow and compound broadheads. They are identical except for the wording on the package. They cost the same and are the same broadhead functionally but the wording on the package is what makes them crossbow, but you could just as easily use Slick Tricks or your favorite compound broadhead.
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    Marketing that's it.
    Have a good day and a better hunt

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