Fraying bow string


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    Fraying bow string

    Early this year I purchased a Mathews Monster 7" 60#.
    I started seeing some string color changes early with a Carbon express
    peep the dealer put in. I applyd wax everytime I shot.
    I went thru several peeps before I arrived at the specialty Pro 37dg. I have
    now. At present I am looking at a new bow string and the dealer is saying that he is having problems on the new bows in the 300+ fps range with several different peeps G5 and mine included.
    I shoot approx. 1000 arrows a month and would rather not replace strings every 3 or 4 months.
    I sent a picture
    Thank's I appreciate any help.
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    First of all, I would put the bow away and not shoot it untill you replace that string. Second, you dont need to apply wax every time your shoot. This is gonna sound stupid, but are you shooting the bow with arrows or without? As far as a new string goes, winners choice are great strings or your could contact an Archery Talk user call ''Crackers'' who does strings.

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    Couple things I can tell you

    Specialty makes a great peep - double check to make sure it doesn't have any burs on it, just in case

    That peep is not tied in according to specialty's instructions. I believe they say tie around the peep, and not over or under.
    I understand you/your dealer doesn't want the peep to move so if you do tie over or under make sure you tie where the strands naturally come back together.

    There are several great string manufacturers out there. Personally I like FirstStrings, but that is just me.

    When you wax your string make sure you rub it in good with your fingers or a piece of leather. Excess wax on the surface of the string will hold dirt and grit and actually do more damage than good.

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    That string needs to be replaced. When more than a third of the strands are frayed, then it is time to replace the string. What I do, is press the bow. Then cake string snot on the string & turn blow dryer on low heat. With the dryer 8" away from string, melt the wax thoroughly into all strands. It is time consuming, but it works.

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    You definately need a new string... However your string should not wear like that.
    It has broken strands that all seem to be wearing at the same spot.

    Check for a Burr on your peep sight, or perhaps,... does your dealer use a string separater to install new peeps for you? that may of had a sharp edge on it as well.

    When you change out peeps does he cut off the serving and re-tie new on?? He may of accidentally nicked your string while cutting the serving and tried to cover it up.
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    If you need a place to pick up some strings... check the emporium!

    Won't find better deals or better strings anywhere!
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    I believe I have a solution ?

    I would like to thank everyone on this post and Spectre & Nuts & Bolts in another post for all the info..
    I used .018 BCY to serve it in. 1st time for that.
    For now I went with the Zebra Barracuda String.
    I tried what SA recommended but could not stop from wondering up and down the string.
    So I went to a Mod Z or S and it seems to stay put.

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