Draw length adjustment HELP!!!!!!!!!!


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    Draw length adjustment HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    My buddy just bought a couple years old Parker Buckshot for his wife. Is a bow press needed to change the draw length? If not, can someone please help me out and explain how to do it. Thanks!

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    No press required.

    On each cam is a module with set-screws in it. There should be a small indexing mark on the cam that points to a number listed on the module. That number is the current draw length setting.

    To change the draw length, just remove the screw, spin the module until the correct DL number lines up with the mark, and replace the screw. Make sure to do it on both cams the same.

    Also,... there are two posts to hook the end loop of the string on. The first one is the factory setting, and is whole sizes of Draw lengths and reaches full peak weight. The second post takes a half inch off of the draw length setting, and reduces the peak weight by about five or six pounds.

    If you get stuck, send me a PM with your email, and I can send detailed pictures of what I'm trying to describe.

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    Thank you very much! Thats what I thought but wanted to confirm it. I appreciate it.

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