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    Quiver pattern

    I was just wondering if anyone has or knows where to find a pattern for a hip quiver made out of fabric? I'm wanting to make one for my daughter and possibly for myself.


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    Hi when me & my son started out in archery, I made a quiver out of material ( I presume you mean a quiver with the arrows point forward).
    All I did was just make a tube with a bottom for the body. I just sewed a flap for the belt loop & used cardboard tubes ( off wrapping paper or toilet paper joined .
    A person I have seen has done a cheaper idea got to a clothing store ie charity type get a jeans & cut the leg off sew op the bottom & there is you quiver body.

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    tandy leather has some archery related patterns for sale,
    they could easily be adapted for fabric instead of leather.
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    Thank you for the responses, I'll go check out Tandys.

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