MX 4 vs regular 3 blade muzzy??


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    MX 4 vs regular 3 blade muzzy??

    Who has used both on deer?Just got some MX 4 and going to see how they fly,
    Have had good luck with the 3 blade.Are the holes any better with the mx 4 or should I just stay with my 3 blade??

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    I have always had a tough time getting any Muzzy's to fly good. Back in the day that is all I used. That being said, I have killed 6 or 7 deer with the 125 grain 3 blades, and 2 with the MX4's. I have not been disappointed with the penetration, and blood trails from either of the broadheads and wouldn't hesitate to use them if I could ever get them to fly good. I would favor which ever one I could get to fly the best.

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    IMO stick w/ the three the fours were always off for me, and yes I know you can tune it to work, but it's so much easier to shoot something that flys like your feildpoints for the same money or in my case cheaper...

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    Try the MX3's. Got some Mx4 to try them could not hold as tight a groups as the MX3 out of my set up, just my two cents. They say the original 90 grain 4 blade is a good head.
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    Ive shot both ( and still have both ), I seem to get more consistant flight with the Standard 100gr. 3 blades for some reason. The POI is very close alternating back and forth, but if I was only shooting 1, Id stick with the 3 blade.Ive shot deer with both also, I know that there could be alot of different varibles also, but Ive had to track less with the 3 blades compared to the Mx-4's w/ comparable shots. I still shoot my Muzzy's once in a while but Ive switched to 2 blade rages and havent had a deer drop out of sight yet.
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    once i got my bow tuned i have no issues whatsoever with the mx4. killed a cow elk with one last year and there was no blood trailing needed. she went 30 yards and fell over.
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    I grew up shooting Muzzy's. I switched to the MX4's a couple years back and killed a couple deer and antelope with them. They are still my back up heads to my Shuttle Ts I shoot now. I still shoot Phantoms with my recurve.
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    Been shooting 3 Blade 100 grains for many years , also have been using the MX4 since they came on the scene , killed many with the 3 Blade and 8-10 with the MX4 , Both fly awesome for me and leave great blood trails , will have both on arrows this season as well .

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