Adjusting the draw weight on my old Martin Lynx


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    Thumbs down Adjusting the draw weight on my old Martin Lynx

    In 1992 I put down my Martin Lynx after my two hunting partners were killed in a plane crash. Now I would like to use it again but need to decrease the draw weight. The bow (#8162 assembled by Stan Nelson) has a draw weight range of 50 -65 lbs and is probably now set somewhere in the middle of the range. I would like to decrease the draw weight to make it comfortable to begin practicing again. Does anyone know how many turns on the hex bolts will take this bow to it minimum (50#) setting as a starting point, or otherwise have instructions on making draw weight adjustments? I want to avoid completely loosening the bolt and have it fly apart under tension.



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    Still have on old Lynx myself, 50 - 65# as well. The manual states that the bow should not be shot with any more than 5 complete turns from the maximum setting. Each complete turn equates to 3#. What I would do is firstly turn the bow up to it's maximum (65#) then take it down 3 complete turns on each limb and see how it felt. Three complete turns would put her at about 56#.

    Good luck and very sorry to hear about your friends.

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    Thanks kanga,

    Just the info I was looking for.


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