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Thread: Best women bows

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    Best women bows

    Could you guys...ah I mean...gals name me some upper line womens bows. Or for that matter any bow that might be good for a woman. I got my wife a Diamond Edge a couple years ago to see if she might like hunting and it looks like it stuck, so she's wanting to upgrade bows.

    I'll start.

    Mathews Passion, DXT...
    Hoyt turbohawk?, vicxen, tryKon sport
    Botech Soldier

    What else?

    Who shoots a hunting bow they love?

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    Look at the Athens Accomplice, Good speed and easy on the shooter.
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    I checked them out. Looks like a new company but still a very nice bow. Thanks!

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    I'm shooting the Mathews Prestige which I've been happy with. Good for target and hunting.

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    I love my Hoyt AlphaMax!
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    my wife loves her bowtech Admiral, she had a bowtech General but when she shot the admiral she wanted it.
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    I love my bow...see below...Once I got it, I couldn't put it down it was just a dream to shoot (for me anyway) and I have no complaints. I shoot just about every day now when before (with the Parker), practice wasn't as much fun....

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    Parker makes some good bows for woman.

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    My PSE bows of choice...

    Xforce with the gx cams...Love it!

    I've shot and really liked the Vandetta as well

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    I've never even heard of some of these bows. Great thread so far. Keep 'em coming!

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    I love love my Passion!!!!!!! It is super in a blind, and great for walking around with cause it is super light.
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    My wife shoots a d350 and loves it

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    I absolutely love my Rytera Alien X. One sweet, fast, smooth and forgiving bow.

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    Mathews Passion and Prestige are great hunting bows. New Breed Cyborg I think would be great. I like the new limbsaver bows, they are nice in the hand. My daughter has a Bowtech Admiral and loves it. The Bowtech equalizer is a great bow and speedy for short draws. Hoyt AM32 is a nice shooter as well.

    I personally have a Ross Carnivore 34 and a Mathews Prestige for hunting. The Prestige is shooting my hunting arrow at 264fps where the Ross is slinging it at 234 fps. Quite a bit of difference speed wise and the Prestige is much smoother on the draw.

    Really is will be personal preference for her if you can find any bows she can shoot at a shop.

    Good luck!!
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    Depending on what her LD and DW is, I love my Bowtech Equilizer, plus I am really wanting one of the Elite GT500 With the cuda cams. I love Elites, have tried one, but i started with my equilizer b/c of the money factor!

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    I love my hoyt kobalt!

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    she went to draw some bows tonight. Got to draw a Bowtech Soldier and a Hoyt Trykon Sport. She like the Hoyt so far. Tomorrow night the Mathews dealer is open so we'll probably head over there to check out the Passion and Prestige.

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    I love my Iceman very very quite and when you shoot you feel nothing!

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    depending on her DL, my wife shoots the PSE bowmadness and there is also the NEw Breed Genetix (i think that is the one)...

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    I started out shooting a Parker Sidekick...which was a great little starter bow, then my husband bought me a Mathews DXT and I absolutely love it....but recently I did shoot a Maxxis 31 and really liked it too.

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    I just got a PSE X Force Super short, 50lb draw... very quick bow, light, small so not bulky and very accurate. Of the bows I tried, none compared to this one for me.

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    another common ladies bow
    PSE Chaos
    Bear Apprentice
    flexible draw lengths and draw weights
    easy to pull back
    i know a few ladies that i shoot with and they have these bows...and are grouping 3 arrows even at 40 yrds

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    I upgraded from a youth bow and bought a Mathews DXT - love it - fast, smooth, plenty of penetration for hunting. You might have her try that and the Hyperlight as well which is very similar to the DXT size wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imadragonkeeper View Post
    I upgraded from a youth bow and bought a Mathews DXT - love it - fast, smooth, plenty of penetration for hunting. You might have her try that and the Hyperlight as well which is very similar to the DXT size wise.
    My thoughts exactly. I'd like her to try those as well.

    I don't see a reason she couldn't shoot a Hoyt Maxxis 31 either. Seems like a really nice bow too.

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    My wife loves her Vicxen..I have shot it too..nice bow

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