Archery ranges near Albany, NY


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    Archery ranges near Albany, NY

    Does anyone know of any good ranges in the Albany/Latham, NY area? I am traveling that way on business next week and was looking for a place to shoot during the evenings. Interested in an indoor range or any type of 3D range or a technohunt. Thanks.

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    None that I know of in the Albany/Latham area. I think there's a place called Flying Arrow in East Greenbush that might have something. I'm about an hour north of Albany and there really isn't much around anymore since all of the taxes and newer laws went into affect. It's really too bad .... alot of great places with great people up and left or just plain closed their doors.

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    Thanks for the reply. I found Flying Arrow just by a Yahoo search and I think there was another shop with a 20yd indoor range and video hunt. If I'm not mistaken I believe the address was in Latham, but I can't remember the name. Thanks again.

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    Hope you find a place to shoot. I moved to Oregon in 1975 from the town of Latham,N.Y. I wasn't into archery then, but have been an archery fanatic for the last 25+ years. Good luck!

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    Havoc archery on central ave has technohunt. Nice people there also.

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    X2 on HAVOC, they have 20 yard techno AND a great gunstore right upstairs, all under one roof! 1702 central ave albany, stop by!

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