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Thread: Muck vs. LaCrosse

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    Muck vs. LaCrosse

    I need to pick up some new rubber boots before the Oct. season opens here in Iowa...I've always had LaCrosse rubber boots "well other than 1 junky set of Rocky's" and always swore by LaCrosse but the other day I was looking at boots at Scheels and tried on some Muck's and they feel WAY better on my feet than LaCrosse ever has....
    So, which Muck should I look at??? I dont want any of the mid cut boots because I have to wade some creeks and they can be close to knee high at times so I need as tall of a boot as possible...Also you never know in Iowa what weather your gonna get, it could be 70 degrees in Nov. or it could be below 0 with snow & ice. Now here's the thing, I WILL NOT spend $200 on rubber boots and the prices have gotten crazy on them. I'll drop that kinda cash on Elk boots but not rubber boots.
    I was looking at something like the Muck Wetland version, but how warm are they??? Muck's weather rating is kinda screwy, they always say something like "Comfortable from 85 to -20degrees" and that's a crazy wide range of weather to cover...I've never owned Muck's before, so tell me how they really are and which ones to look at.

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    Muck Woody Max is the best boot I ever bought. They blow away every pair of Lacross I ever bought
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    Muck 100%. I have torn them on barbed wire and they are still waterproof and warm enough for a November treestand sit. Any walking and you will never get cold. A agree with Sean!

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    I would get the Mucks hands down. My son wore his pair of Arctics on a moose hunt in Alaska with no problems and I wear my chore boots every day all winter on the farm as well as ice fishing and hunting. Send a PM to boarman1 on here he hsa some awsome prices with shipping included just tell him what kind you want and he'll send you a price.
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    Muck all the way..........

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    La Crosse all day long!! I love my alpha burly's!!
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    muck hands down!! no comparing a much to a lacross and this is coming from a guy that only wore lacross, the lacross always felt ok and would tear after every deer season and they would always be water RESISTANT but never 100% waterproof, i got tired of it so after hearing good things out of muck i desided to buy some feild blazers and there the best boots iv ever had by far. i personaly would go with the feild blazers, the woman at our local outdoor store said they where the best sellers.
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    I love my LaCrosse boots......

    I've never worn Muck..... but I know that the LaCrosse's I have are warm and waterproof!!!
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    Muck Muck Muck

    Very comfortable.
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    Lacrosse Alpha Burlys for sure!
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    I was the same, LaCrosse all the way till 2 yrs ago. I bought a set of Woody Max's and have never looked back.
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    Lacrosse Alpha Burlys

    but never had no mucks

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    Alpha Burlys

    Truth be known,,,,I can't understand how people can wear those Muck Boots. Not knocking them,,,,but they are so big and clumbsy to climb a tree with,,,and to walk with. i don't doubt they are comfortable because they are so big and roomy.

    I chose the Alpha burly's by Lacrosse because they were much lighter,had what I call a sneaker heel for my bone spurs i have in both heels. Were slim profiled enough to use a climbing stand or tree steps,,,and wear great.

    Mine are 4 years old this year,,,and I hunt in South Florida,,,basically right outside the everglades,,,its WET even when it's I have never got wet feet except when I waded in swamp that was knee high and over the boot tops.

    I spray scent killer on them and have not had them come apart like my Rocky Bear Claw boots did ($150 boots) bought 2 pairs of them and both disentergrated.

    So I bought the lacrosse Alpha's for archery season and a set of Cabelas to replace my Bear Claws.
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    I have a few pairs of Lacrosse and one pair of Muck Woody Max. The Lacrossse uninsulated for early season, the Woody Max for the majority of the season (the most comfortable), and the Alpah Burly 1200 or 1500 for when it gets below 20. The Woody Max is fine for me down to 20 but my feel get cool when I sit the stand all day in them at those temps. The LaCrossse 1200 is a little bit warmer and the 1500 is quite a bit warmer.

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    I wore LaCrosse Alpha Burlys for years but bought some Muck Woody Sports this past spring. I'll never go back to LaCrosse, Muck BLOWS THEM AWAY.

    It's a better boot, nuff said!
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    I had Lacrosse & thought they were the boot to have, until I got Muck. No going back to Lacrosse now

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    LaCrosse Alphaburly's are extremely warm (1500g) and waterproof...can't imagine them leaking.

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    Another vote for LaCrosse!
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    I love my Mucks! Talked my bro into Lacrosse a couple years ago. They are a fine boot, but he has some foot pain from them. I bought Mucks for myself at a later date and have no reason to ever try another boot. They have been GREAT!
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    Mucks for sure. Once tracked at least 25miles in a week in my Woody Max's w/not a single problem. No way could I do that w/any other rubber boot.
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    Mucks man hands down the best hunting boot !! cant go wrong . as for the Lacross guys it is a very respectable boot

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    i have them both... i use my alphas when its above 40 and my artic max when below 40.... can wear my muck artic max above 40 especially if i have to walk much cause they will burn me out.
    both boots are great u wont go wrong with either
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    i have both and prefer my lacrosse alpha burly's. My calf muscles are to big for the mucks, i have to cut them down the sides to even get them on. They are also very awkward as they are so bulky.

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    Muck Woody Max!!!!!!! Best boots I've ever had. Yet to have cold feet!!!!!!
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    I have a few pairs of Lacrosse and one pair of Muck Woody Max. The Lacrossse uninsulated for early season, the Woody Max for the majority of the season (the most comfortable), and the Alpah Burly 1200 or 1500 for when it gets below 20. The Woody Max is fine for me down to 20 but my feel get cool when I sit the stand all day in them at those temps. The LaCrossse 1200 is a little bit warmer and the 1500 is quite a bit warmer.
    I like to know things like this. I need a pair of rubber type boots when the temp drops. I have had Alpha Burlys for about four years now, same pair, and they have been great. I can sit in a tree comfortably down to about 20 degrees with them. Lower then that, my feet get cold pretty quick. So, it sounds like the insulating value is about the same for the Alphas and Woddy Max. Looks like I need to look at Alphas in the 1500grms. Thanks for your honest input!!

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