Scent-lok or not ?


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    Scent-lok or not ?

    would like some input as to purchasing a complete suit or just use other methods .

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    Use other methods. Clean clothes, Clean body and most importantly Wind Direction....

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    Scent elimination clothing

    Here is my opinion. If you have the "extra" money to be spending on it and it makes you that much more confident in the field, then go ahead and buy it. I have a few suits that are like 5 years old now and I dont even know if they are still working like they "should" be. These suits will not work everytime and you will still get busted if you're not watching the wind! Wash any camo good in a scent killer soap, shower with scent killer products, and spray down in the field. Cheaper to just go 5 feet higher in the stand and mind the wind!! Good Luck!!
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