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Thread: Sneaking up on a deer

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    Sneaking up on a deer

    What is the best sneak job you have ever done on a deer and was it successful? Plus how about sneaking by crawling diagonal to a deer in a field. thanks

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    Here's my stalking stories from the last two seasons...

    This year I was on a morning stand and around 10 AM, instead of abandoning my morning hunt, I tried sneaking up on some does on the edge of a cropfield who were around 100 yards away. I planned on walking through the woods parallel to the deer. As I was making my way through the woods I scared a doe out of its bed. I was moving very slowly so the deer didn't spot me or smell me. It moved about 20 yards away and eventually just started feeding. I tried moving again and another larger doe was with it and I spooked it. However, since it didn't smell me and since I was very still, it got curious (its last mistake). It eventually came in closer. Since it was so close (35 yards) and was looking in my direction (bobbing its head), I had to move very slowly to get the bow ready for a shot. It knew something was there and kept coming closer, trying to get downwind of me. When it got in a shooting lane at 20 yards I took my shot and dropped it. What a great hunt. I was very proud of myself.

    Last year I was hunting the late season and getting desperate for a buck. I was hunting on the edge of some standing corn and saw a buck moving through the woods heading toward the corn. It was a nice 8 and I tried grunting and bleating before it got to the corn but it just ignored me. Since it was so late in the season and the wind was in my favor I decided to go after it. I got down from the stand and walked on the opposite side of the corn. I thought it would feed in a spot near a bald spot in the corn field so I made my way to that area. It was getting near dusk so I had to hurry. I made it to the edge of the bald area and eventually spotted the buck. It was a bit too far away (4o yards) so I tried to use the lay of the land to move closer to it (as I was walking through the bald spot). I got to within 35 yards and the buck spotted me. It couldn't quite make me out and actually walked a few steps in my direction. I then took the shot but missed and heard the arrow ricochet off corn stalks. I was dissapointed I missed, but glad that I didn't wound it. Also, I felt good to at least get a shot.

    Stalking deer is very difficult but can make for an exhilarating hunt.

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    I was still hunting in the woods when I saw 3 deer walking in a clearing. So I walked so slow till I could get a clear shot. It was a 30 yard shot and I was a little scared that She would jump the string. She did but I got a gut shot which put her down in 150 yards. So I like to still hunt and it has helped me alot.

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    I got to stalk several mule deer this year, for the first time. Very hard thing to do. Stalked one bruiser for about one and a half miles only to be busted by the doe with him in the last 70 yards.

    I finally connected on a little four point after a two and a half hour stalk of several hundred yards - sometimes on my knees, sometimes running full speed, and at one point crouched down on my knees behind a little bush for thirty minutes, unable to move without being seen. It ended up being a 47 yard shot. He wasn't huge, but I've never worked so hard for a deer. I'm already thinking about next year.

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    My most memorable was a pair of small does that I bumped going in to hang a stand. I believe they herd me but didn't smell or figure me out. One of them starts browsing in the woods and I decide to put on the sneak. Cut her off at the pass and she has actually coming towards me in a pretty nasty thicket. Shot her at 7 yards! Been hooked ever since.
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    sneaking for deer

    I want to thank you for your stories.........I loved reading others adventures. Steady

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    My first deer was last year and happened to be a still ground hunt that turned into a stalk hunt. In late October, I was sitting on a stool facing a cornfield edge when I heard a twig snap behind me. A 8 point was walking through the middle of the woods but he was on a path that was going to bring him within about 50 yards...too far to shoot obviously. So, I waited for his head to get behind a tree and I stood up. I pulled my hat down as far as I could to help shield my eyes and took a big step. Leaves were crunchy but the corn was still up and there was a breeze so it helped conceal the noise. I took another step and he looked dead at me. We stared at each other for a minute or two and he dropped his head and continued walking. We did this for about 15 minutes until I was about 25 yards away. I again waited for him to get behind a large tree before I drew back. Good thing the adrenaline was pumping because I had my bow drawn back for what seemed like least 1 or 2 minutes. Finally he stopped to sniff a low hanging branch. I let go and watched the arrow fly exactly where I had aimed it. It was a perfect double lunger. He ran about 50 yards and then made a U turn and headed right at me! At this point I was crapping my pants. About 25 yards from me his front legs gave out and he was down for good. I decided to buy a treestand for this year but I still try stalking whenever the conditions are right. After last year's hunt, I can't imagine shooting one from a stand being as exciting as from the ground - eye to eye.
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