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Thread: Is this ok?

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    Is this ok?

    are the fusion vanes any good and is it ok to use rubber cement as an adhesive for your fletchings?

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    Fusions are good vanes brother, I'd stay away from rubber cement though. If you are looking for less expensive, get some lock-tite gel super glue-works great on fusions, and 1 of the locktite bottles has a brush-very easy and keeps the mess down....
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    Locktite control gel is all you need, doesnt take much glue, fusions stick incredible!!
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    I switched to fusions this year and like them. The rubber cement idea I would scratch. Go with the Loctite these guys are talking about.

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    it seems that you can use anything on fusions and they stick like concrete.

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    I used Fusion vanes on my indoor arrows this past season and I have them on my 3-D arrows and I really like them. My hunting arrows are wearing Quick Spin ST's at the moment, but when they are ready to be refletched there is a good chance they will see Fusions as well.

    For adhesive I've been using Gorilla Super Glue with excellent results. Just remember it's best to use wraps with any of the instant adhesives otherwise it's a real pain to clean the shafts when refletching.
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    I use Fusions with Goat Tuff and I have a tough time gettin them suckers off. I have no experience with Gorilla or Lock-tite but I will soon, cant be more $$ than Goat Tuff. Sh*t is expensive!
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