adjusting draw weight buckmasters pro compound bow


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    adjusting draw weight buckmasters pro compound bow

    My husband was given a buckmasters pro compound bow but it did not have a manual. He is 65 years old and has a bad right arm. He can't pull back the 70# draw weight and is trying to figure out how to lower the draw weight without the bow falling apart and causing any harm if he tries to lower it and pull it back and something may go wrong. Can anyone possibly help him to show him how to lower to possible 50 pounds without any danger!?! I would certainly appreciate any assistance. Sincerely, Sarah

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    if he has his draw set at 70lbs. most likely he will not be able to get it down to 50lbs. because those buckmaster bows came with 60-70# limbs on it unless they have been changed.there should be a sticker on the inside limb that will have that info on get less poundage,there is what you call limb bolts on the front of your bow that takes an allen wrench.there is one at the top of your riser and one at the bottom,about mid-way of your bow.if those bolts are bottomed out to the right then they are maxed out for 70#s.if you turn your bolts to the left it will give you less poundage.never turn your bolts more than 4 full turns to the left,it can cause the limbs to pop off when he draws back and could get seriously hurt.ok,1 full turn to the left usally takes out around 2lbs of draw weight for each limb,do the same on each bolt to keep your draw weight equal on both limbs.i would do it in 1/2 turns until he is comfortable with the weight,but REMEMBER NEVER BACK YOUR BOLTS OUT MORE THAN 4 can take your bow to an archery shop (which i suggest) and they will do everything you need done if your not sure how its done.i really dont think that bow will go down to 50#s and you can always trade that bow here on AT for a bow with 40-50lb. limbs that he will be comfortable shooting,im sure there are plenty on this site in the classified section.hope this helps you out,be safe.

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    I just bought the same bow and im looking for cam modules to shorten the draw length. Any idea where I could find them?

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