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    Look for areas to hunt which other people overlook or simply will not go. Some of my best stands are in places where people wouldnt even think to look. If its big enough for a buck to lay down and feel secure, thats where one will be.

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    have patience and sit still

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    You can't kill them on the couch.

    Footsteps in the field lead to higher yields.

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    know your gear! learn your distances! use the wind. immerse yourself.

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    No matter what, always hunt with the wind in your favor.

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    wind and scent control is critical. if they smell you it doesnt matter about about how much sign you are sitting on you will not see deer.
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    Don't give a rip about what soneone else has to say about your trophy, if you are proud of it that's all that matters.

    When you decide to throw in the towel for the day or move to a different stand, you will climb down out of your stand right in time to see that white flag that was headed right for you running away from you. Stay put, stay the course, be patient if you've done your part then you will eventually cross paths.

    Pigs, yotes, bobcats, and other predators recieve an arrow or a bullet no questions asked. I'll end a hunt early any day to kill a predator or a pest.

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    Respect the animal your hunting- remember that once you take the shot it will never come back ...

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    Keep the wind in your face,unless your peeing..LOL..tons of great info here..thanks to all.Play Safe.
    If you don"t learn something new everyday you are not paying attention.

    Those that can,do.Those that can't,hate those that can.

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    Just because some guy is on TV doesn't mean he has any clue what he's doing.

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    Be in your stand every chance that you can.

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    1. Hunt as much as possible without risking umeployment and divorce between Halloween and Thanksgiving
    2. Don't hunt your best stand until Halloween
    3. You can't kill a big buck if there aren't any around
    4. Set realistic goals, most places a 140 inch deer is a monster, know whats around

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    marry a gal who will either hunt with you or not nag you about spending time in the woods.

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    Here is a few maybe no one has touched on:
    1. Look at a topo map of the area-it looks alot different from the sky.
    2. If you are walking around scouting and take the easy routes to see the property chances are your on a deer trail cause they do the same thing.
    3. If you use a feeder don't over check it and use scent control or only check it when hunting.
    4. Have multiple stands around your area-Like in football what starts off as ranked as your #1 stand usually isn't by the end of the year.
    5. Use rubber boots don't be a throw back hunter.
    6. Late October hit the horns, grunt and use a decoy-Lots of pentup sexual frustration at this time.
    7. If the shot was a liver or has guts on it wait 8 hrs! When in doubt back out.
    8. Practice with your Broadheads and change the blades
    9. Buy chewable Chlorophyll tablets- You'll elliminate 80% of your scent.
    10. Get a trail camera-you'll stay on stand much longer when you know a shooters is in the area.
    11. If the barometer is rising or falling you need to be in the woods.
    12.If possible dress in the field- use plastic containers for your hunting clothes.
    13.Use a green light enter or exiting in the dark-the deer can't see that light
    14.Set cameras on rubs and scrapes-you will be surprised how many different bucks use the same one.
    15.Be detemined-I will take Will over Skill anyday.
    That's all I can think of off the top of my head for now.

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    Gonna go against the grain and say unless you hunt only on one small piece of private ground...

    Spend more time scouting than hunting until you learn a piece of ground.

    Study maps and areial photos of the places you are going to hunt.

    ALWAYS carry a compass.

    Learn every available food source and their order of preference for the ground you hunt.

    If you spend the time with maps and pics, then put in the boot time to learn the ground and how the food relates to the topography, your productive hunts for killin deer should increase.

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    Thanks again guys for your tips! I picked out my top 10 tips from this thread and posted them on Wired To Hunt. Check out the post and see if your's made the list!

    Top 10 Deer Hunting Tips From Archery Talk

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    The one thing that I will always remember my dad teaching me was " Be quiet, be still, be patient, be smart, and be calm."
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    Don'e stand up in a canoe

    Always pack TP in your pack

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    Dont pretend to be a die hard hunter...BE a die hard hunter...if you only hunt a couple times for a few hours then dont tell everyone you are a die hard...(this tip is more for talking with other hunters than it is a hunting tip.)

    Dont tell everyone what you see every time you see it and then wonder why everyone wants to hunt where you do...

    Aim Thru not too - aim for exit of the arrow not entry...

    Dont make someone else standards your own...if you are happy with a 2.5yo then shoot a 2.5yo...if you are happy with a spike shoot a spike...enjoy hunting and dont let anyone make you feel bad...any deer taken with a bow is a trophey and an accomplishment...any idiot can shoot a deer standing broadside with a .300 win mag at 150 yards...


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    Dont buy into the tv gimmicks. Stay scent free and you will be good to go.
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    Dont miss!!!!!

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    live by this motto: Luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet! You have to be prepared when the opportunity comes and you have to be there in order for there to be an opportunity.
    Owner: **Precision Tune ** When good enough just ain't good enough!

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    Scout 85%, hunt 15%
    Big bucks bed in the most overlooked spots
    Entry and exit routes are the #1 most overlooked factor in killing deer
    Range various points around you and think of every possible scenario where a deer could come from
    You don't have to climb high, but climb into cover
    Be confident in your equipment and your pins
    **Look at it like this. You're a hit man for the mafia. You need to know every detail about the bucks on your farm just like hit men do. Know where he sleeps, where he eats, where his mistresses live, where he likes to drink, and the way he travels to get from all these places. Because if you don't kill him...chances are, he will kill you!

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    Sit still

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    hunt smarter not harder !

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