TRU ball beast 2 adjustment?


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    TRU ball beast 2 adjustment?

    Does the beast 2 adjust to fit a larger hand. I bought a scott wildcat and had to sell it because it was to short. Can the beast 2 be adjusted out more than the wildcat?

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    Just bought one yesterday and I am returning it due to it being too short. I adjusted it to the longest length and the trigger still sits too far back for me. I love how the release works and feels but just too short. I usually have the trigger between the first and second knuckle and with the beast 2 it fell between the second and third even at the longest length..Changed my anchor point too much as well from my normal trigger wrist release

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    Anyone else?

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    I havent shot the beast 2 but do have the beast. the only difference between them is the trigger is set further back on the beast 2. I love mine and have some good sized hands. give that one a try and bet youll like it.

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    If you like your Wildcat try the NCS version. Unless you have 10 inch fingers it will go long enough.

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