Hoyt Trykon Junior Bow and Accessories


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    Hoyt Trykon Junior Bow and Accessories

    My daughter gave archery a try and has decided not to continue unfortunately, so I am selling her bow, hard case, Easton quiver, stabilizer, release, 6 arrows... has maybe been fired 500 - 600 times... Hardly used

    All-In... $400 TYD or best offer. email me at jrdb@att.net

    will ship to anywhere in US for free.

    Paypal preferred...


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    What's the specs on the bow? Thanks

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    draw weight and length?
    Hoyt Maxxis 35
    N.A.P. BloodRunner broadheads
    Carbon Tech Cheetah arrows
    G5 Expert II rest

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    # Weight range 20-30lbs
    # Draw range 17"-25"

    To be completely honest I'm not sure what its currently set too, however it is probably to the lower end of both. My daughter is a small 11 year. Thanks for inquiring! Please let me know if interested.

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