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    This product is inexpensive and readily available and leaves no excuse for not retrieving your deer.

    AT is the most amazing resource that apparently few bothered to use, just wanted some sympathy for not getting the deer they shot. Listen up, they don't all bleed out the way you think, double lung one, it is more likely to bleed internally, hit the liver, it doesn't bleed much at all but it's still dead in 4 hrs.

    BlueStar and a clean and empty household spray bottle, add some water, wait till dark and find your deer.

    On another note, there is usually a blood dog available to call upon. Asking 20 guys and someone's pet dog to track for you is not an answer. Go call your local shop, get the dog handlers number and keep it handy, get BlueStar to have on hand, even if not for you for one of your hunting buddies.

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    Kit on sale @ Cabelas for $12.99

    Just ordered one.
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    Originally posted by ohiobooners ....."In all seriousness I do hope ppl understand that a deer is not worth losing your dignity over".?

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    Great thread. Finaly something helpful
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    Quote Originally Posted by pbuck View Post
    Kit on sale @ Cabelas for $12.99

    Just ordered one.
    3% hydrogen peroxide is @ $2.00 a gallon, works very well when sprayed out of a cheap spray bottle.

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    Okay, I will bite. I have never heard of this...what does it do? React with the blood and bubble or something?
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    Do you have a link to the product?
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    Luminal which is your seen on TV CSI stuff that makes blood traces turn blue... unlike TV no Amber glasses or UV light is required. Bluestar is by the same manufacturer as Luminal, not quite but basically the same stuff the FBI uses and yes it does work. $20 it's worth it just to spray it in your house or especially your garage. Brings back some fond memories bleeding all over your tool box LOL.

    Iron in the blood doesn't phosphorus which is why the led blood lights don't really work. If you use a straight UV light, blood turns black, you are still dealing with a visible trace. Same as using peroxide. Stuff will help for those not accustomed or experienced with tracking blood trails, not enough blood, too much dew, rain the stuff doesn't work anymore. BlueStar however will help where there is no visible blood trail.

    I lost my first deer, solid lung shot, highly describable, problem is that solid shot is a bleed in, not a bleed out and I didn't know how to track it with no blood. Coys got her. Difference is I refuse to hunt again until I was confident I could retrieve my deer so I spent countless hours looking into what works and what doesn't and why,this works the best, requires no experience to use, plus it's cheap. Wouldn't you know my next deer I was 2" off an hit the liver, another non-bleeding lethal wound. Difference is I found my deer before the coys did.

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    The product is available at various places online, Cabella's, Gander Mtn, BassPro. It comes in a 3 pack, double tabs, sealed in foil, mix with water, you can also double mix it to water, a two tab pack is good for a normal household spray bottle, you don't need to use it as concentrated as the directions tell you. Stuff lasts forever until you mix it so just having it around.... well worth it.

    Anything else anyone cares to post to help others stop winging arrows and actually finding their deer would be helpful and welcomed. These posts are making me sick.

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    Who on here has actually used it?
    Give us some results and thoughts.
    I read somewhere it was a waste, but I always wanted to try it.
    Thanks Dustin

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    I still use my trusty flashlight and eyeballs.
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    this stuff works !
    been using it for years ...dont usually need it but i do alot of trailing for buddies and when you get into red leaves this stuff will light up the blood trail !
    no light needed !

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    ive used it, you dont even need a flashlight, actually it will hinder you. you can even go out after it rains and it will still glow. the reason i understand it does so is that it works on hemoglobin. rain cant wash that away. for $12 its at least worth a shot. its not a product you need all the time. its a product you go... well, this is going no where fast, im going home/back to the truck to get the bottle and the tablets. take the bottle and fill it with water. let it unmixed in the truck. when the inevitable happens, go get the bottle, drop the tabs in, shake it up and go back to where you saw the deer standing when you shot. i cant believe this product isnt more mainstream.

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    I've heard that it reacts to more things than just blood, and it does more harm than good. Is this true? Also in many states the retrieval of big game by dogs is illegal.

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    it will at times react to weird stuff, it takes a little to know exactly what youre looking for. after you use it once or twice you will figure it out. if it gets to the point where you need to pull this stuff out you have nothing to lose. again, i wont use it on a strong blood trail. i use this when there is no other option.

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    I was helping track a deer and someone else had this stuff. I works really well! The shot was good, double lung, and the deer ran thru a green field. She was bleeding good, but it was blowing out a fine mist of blood which made it pretty hard to follow. So he mixed the stuff up and started spraying. The hard to find trail become so noticeable, a plane could have landed in the field that night. Since then I have always kept a pack of that stuff for just that purpose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlh42581 View Post
    if it gets to the point where you need to pull this stuff out you have nothing to lose.
    Well, that makes sense, it's always good to have one more tool in the toolbox. And for the cost of one broadhead, why not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griz34 View Post
    I've heard that it reacts to more things than just blood, and it does more harm than good. Is this true? Also in many states the retrieval of big game by dogs is illegal.
    Untrue. I think some of the other products worked off of iron and it gave false positives. This works off of hemoglobin and will not react on all animals for that reason.

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    Don't know anything about Bluestar but I will check it out.... however your comment about the dogs needs to be addressed. In most states it is illegal to track a deer with a dog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny View Post
    hit the liver, it doesn't bleed much at all but it's still dead in 4 hrs.
    If you go out to look for a liver hit deer in 4 hours you better have enough of this stuff to fill a 55 gallon barrel.
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    Thanks Penny, but I'm sure we'll still be deluged with "I lost my deer! What now?" threads.
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    AMEN.......thanks for this Penny now if some will read this and actually do it,we'll see less "I lost my deer" threads and more hero pics!

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    Blood dogs are legal in 20 states, it's up to the hunter to know the restrictions in their state. A trained blood dog is a good resource to have if it is legal to use.

    Point is, more deer would be recovered if more hunters were aware of available resources on hand and unfortunately more time is given to tools of hunting and less time is spent on available tools and skills of retrieving.

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    Anybody find this stuff in stock somewhere? I couldn't find it on Cabelas and the other places I checked were out of stock. I'd really like to try it because I am red/green color blind and have difficulty following blood trails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunting170 View Post
    If you go out to look for a liver hit deer in 4 hours you better have enough of this stuff to fill a 55 gallon barrel.
    Not so, most deer die within a 100 yards of where they were shot so long as they aren't pushed to move. They're injured, they don't want to go anywhere, they want to find a place to hide and lay down. If people waited longer they would be tracking a whole lot less.

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    Anybody have a direct link to Cabelas, Bass Pro, Gander Mt., etc. for buying this stuff. Couldn't find it.

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